Travel makes you smart?

Just like everybody else I too have lots of Watsapp groups. One of them is with the people I rode with back in 2013.

Everyone moved to different profiles, married and some already have kids. its like we literally grew up together. Everybody have different jobs and expertise and of course out machines too upgraded since the last time all of us rode together.

So a friend of mine upgraded to a 4*4 SUV and have been convincing everyone to join in for a drive. The aim is to reach out to that perfect photograph we discussed almost 2 years back. It's like standing on our SUV with snow walls on both sides.

Hopefully we achieve that much needed photo sometime soon. Having said that we keep having such conversations and plans on day to day basis and I sometimes think if I would be having any friends around had I not been travelling or been on road?

Credits: tripoto
My parents often calls me crazy wasting money travelling and risking my work and life. But that's not really the way I feel however I just have to let the topic be cos I don't want to argue or make them buy my point. There have been a generation for whom travelling is part of luxury and while now it's more like a necessity.

I quite agree to the point that we grow as we travel. In my solo trips I realized I've become more active and starts talking to just anyone on road. Infact as a record on my solo trips I've never had a day when I eat alone. I've been blessed with some of the best strangers to accompany me with their experiences. While I can't really put a number to value addition they do to me but I certainly feel myself a better person after each meet.

If you too have a story to share on how travel and travellers change your life then please comment and share with me

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La vida necesita una motivación, excelente amo viajar.

Absolutely. It's an addiction and I see myself just saving and craving to travel

Te sigo amigo

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