What may surprise Bulgaria?

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When I visited Bulgaria for the first time, I simply perceived everything around me as a given. The head was constantly turning comparison, we do not have this or we have the same thing. And, of course, the sea and the wonderful seaside park eclipsed all the features of the city. I live in Burgas, so everything that I will write and show about is in this city.

Here are coffee machines at every turn. And they do not just stand, they really use them. And the coffee is not bad at all, besides, tea with lemon and always available. In my opinion, here all kinds of coffee machines are presented, as in the exhibition.



Fire hydrants stick out on the sidewalks, like mushrooms, every two to three hundred meters.


Why do balconies hang over first floors? Maybe it is protection from the sun and rain entrance doors? It is somehow uncomfortable to walk along the house when there are 3-4 floors above the balconies. Yes, even knowing how Bulgarians love to shake rugs, standing on the balcony.


Well, here it is obvious you cannot hide from the rain and the sun. Maybe this is a place for cats and dogs?


But this hole under the slab of the first floor, probably for garbage collection. Conveniently, he went out and immediately threw the bag.


Sometimes you look up and see umbrellas, not only on the beach.


By the way, about garbage. Here are containers for separate garbage collection. They are so bright and neat, come and use. And near are always old and all receiving containers. Apparently, if you do not know or doubt what kind of garbage you are carrying - drop it here, everything will fit.


Surprise the trees, which attach the sheets, can reminders. I do not know the name of this Bulgarian tradition. On the leaflet there are dates of life and a photograph of a person, so Bulgarians honor their departed loved ones. Sometimes these sheets hang on the fences or walls of houses. But in the trees - it is somehow strange.


The streets of the city are rising uphill, then down to the sea. Along almost all the streets are bicycle paths. Sometimes they are so fancifully bent, sometimes there is no sidewalk nearby and you have to go along the same path.


The most unusual is the garages in the houses. We must pass through the arch into the courtyard, here is a garage. Why not go around the house and in the same place, in the courtyard not to put the car. After all, instead of the passage in the arch could be another apartment or office. Often, the entrance to the house is located there, behind the arch.


The stairs in the houses are just a song. What just you will not meet. There seems to be no rules there. And the steps are different, and the slopes, and turns. Just like in fabulous castles. And everything is so tiny. They do it right, there are few tenants in the houses, why should they take a place under the stairs? Moreover, there is an elevator in every, even 3-4 storey building.


But congresses in garages in general are amazing. I don’t know if I can see in the photo what the slope is here. A little more and ninety degrees typed. How many times did I go past this place, I have never seen anyone go out or drive in here. Such steep slopes in the garage no longer seen.


Such narrow passages between houses are quite common here. To enter the house, you must pass through this passage.


A couple of words about the wonderful shops with fruits, vegetables and herbs. I put a couple of light walls, made a canopy on top and a ready-made shop right at the entrance to the house. Here they are literally on every street. Everything is very cheap and fresh, it costs 1 - 4 levs (1 lev about 30 rubles) per kilogram.

Thank you for attention!

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Yeah, Burgas is legendary even among Bulgarians! By the way, I was born only about 50 kilometers west of it. I know the place quite well and enjoyed reading your review.

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