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RE: What isn't seen from the Cerro El Morro viewpoint

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That was incredible journey into beautiful place El Moro and I am glad you decided to share such stunning nature and beauty of that place with us. It is always if something has connection with our childhood like the time you spent with your father while going fishing, that memories have completely different place in our heart and mind. It is like they are different colors and never will pale out and disappear. That place remains very dear for you and may be for your children.

On one hand I am glad that the roads were not finished, because the place remained as a natural resort with their animals, birds and clean beach. When I think about tourists there is always association with garbage people tend to leave their litter just there where they stop. That is why only people who really want to see the place because of its beauty will come but then they really appreciate it because it was not easy way to it.

I love all your pictures, beautiful sand beach and those stones are just asking to be picked up. Also I like that cactus with iguana on its branch, it is not easy to see at once but then you notice that something is not right.

I absolutely agree while wondering in nature it is a shame to put headphone, there is a natural music everywhere and we just need to appreciate what we have.

Thank you for that beautiful jorney :)


It makes me feel very happy that you perceive the energy with which I wrote this post: I didn't write only about an incredible place, I wrote about an incredible place where I have grown up and experienced the most wonderful scenarios with nature.

Thank you for appreciating every detail. I send you a big hug 😄

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