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I am excited to start a new set of posts about the sibling trip I went on this past May with my sister, Kristen and brother, Scott or @jarvie. The posts will cover our adventures in Italy, England and Scotland.

Kristen, Sara, Scott in Middleton-in-Tessdale

This trip was a family history/heritage trip, with a week in Italy thrown in. We started in Italy because @jarvie was there shooting a wedding (I know, so cool shooting a wedding in the Italian alps). We met him in Venice and then together we explored, Venice, Florence, Tuscany and Rome. After Italy we flew to England and drove to the countryside of northern England to where a lot of my mom's family came from. Then up to Scotland to where part of my dad's family was from.

What a precious time to be with my siblings and bond together so shortly after our mom's death and to get to know more about our ancestors in their native land.

Here is a brief overview


We spent a wonderful day exploring the city. We ate lots of gelato, stood on the bridges and watched the motor boats and gondolas pass, found me a pretty scarf, and ate lunch.

Being the art and art history lover that I am Florence is magical for me. We went on a great tour of the city. After the tour we ate lunch and then went our own separate ways until we met up again that evening to take night shots of the city from the Michalengelo plaza.


The green was truly spectacular. The weather was just right as we drove and walked around the countryside. In the afternoon we went and saw Civita di Bagnoregio, which is a cool hilltop village.

We stayed outside of the city close to the temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and went there a couple of times.
Rome surprised me with the great art! Wow the Vatican has amazing art and one of my favorites (Lancoon) that I didn't realize was at the Vatican till I saw it. We also had an amazing meal next to the Colosseum and then took night pictures there.

Kew Gardens
Richmond, England

Chihuly is one of my favorite artist and I have decided I want to be a Chihuly groupie and go see an exhibit in a different city/ garden once a year. The beauty of the garden and the glass makes me so happy! This year I got to see him just outside of London in the Kew Gardens.

This is where the family history part of the trip really started. We explored the cemetery looking for ancestors. On my mom's side the Scott's, Robinson's, Robson's, Redfearn's, and Temple's are all from this small town in northern England. We were here on Mother's day which made it extra special.


My dad's family came from many different cities in Scotland including; Bathgate, Falkirk, Kilsyth, Sterling, and Linlithgow. We explored each of these cities including cemeteries, castles, and points of interest like the Kelpies.

Of course if it is your first time to Scotland one must see Edinburgh too. It towards the end of the trip and the double decker bus tour was perfect! So was the awesome Indian dinner at Dishoom.

The Lake District
On our drive from Scotland to London we drove through the beautiful lake district in England, and stopped at the Preston and London Temples for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Preston Temple, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

London Temple, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Sara, Kristen and Scotty saying goodbye at the airport

What a wonderful opportunity to spend two weeks with my younger siblings. We bonded and I am so grateful to have them as friends.

I will be doing more detailed post about each of the places.

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This is a truly great post to cover your Europe trip ...Next time we should do our best to meet when you are here in Italy :D

And I'm always amazed on how well you are able to layout the pictures in the stores you publish :)

Thanks Sergio. I really do enjoy making blog posts. They are such a creative endeavor for me. Today I was thinking maybe I will do a little tutorial on how I organize that posts.

Yes, it would be great to meet you. We'll make it happen next time I am in Italy! or if you come to America.

Seriously you may be the best post formatter on all of STEEM!!

It's sooo good. I'm biased but i can't think of anyone better.
You should do a guest post on @steempeak about how you do your formatting. haha
Or post something and we'll for sure share it. It really is top notch... but i'm scared to know how long it takes to format it this well. Or maybe tell @asgarth how to change the interface to simplify what you're already doing.

Make sure to tell people that on steempeak they can click on a picture and see it bigger.

Thanks! I just commented on @asgarth comment about making a post about my process. I was a bit intimidated at first and now I enjoy doing it so much. Good call about telling them they can click to make the pictures bigger.

As an only child (this is @oheyo, btw!), I'm low key jelly of two things: your EPIC trip and that you got to enjoy such a wonderful time with your siblings. ❤️

Love all the photos you took!

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Thanks @oheyo. It was really wonderful on both accounts!

Beautiful post. Love the way you formatted it and the content is cracking too. The Kew collection is my fave.

Thanks. I really enjoy the creative process of both taking and editing the pictures and making the posts! The Kew is amazing. I have beautiful memories of strolling around the grounds.

Formatting is top notch, bravo.

Thanks so much @howo

The blue glass next to the pink blossom is gorgeous!

Thanks I love it too. It is one of my favorites from the trip and I printed and framed it so I can see it everyday!

Wow, that's one of the prettier and most well done posts I've come across on Steem! Think I'll have to steal some formating ideas for my own future posts covering the US roadtrip that I am currently on😛.

Thanks @fredrikaa I am planning on doing a post on the formatting I use. That is great you are doing a US roadtrip!

I'm lookikg forward to seeing it then!🙂

And the roadtrip is just amazing! Already been through 6 states going from Colorado to California. Have to see if I can find some time to do a good post though 😅

Amazing set of photos

such an amazing photography. I love it ❤️

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