📹Lofoten - mountain views and extra waves

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👨‍🚀Back with some extra views from Norway.

Started to organise some of my footage and thought I could stitch a few clips together this morning. Surf footage is from back in October, other shots from last week or so. 🤷‍♂️

Enjoy ✌️

▶️ DTube

Awesome click of this beautiful sea side and snowy mountains.Sea waves looking decent having some storm inside itself.
Thank you frnd. @sambillinggham

Yeah was a super nice day with that first shot! Waves were looking beaut

I think it's a drone shot right? Really it's very amazing man😊, it looks like I'm seeing a movie scene :)


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Yeah these were shots with my drone! Glad you enjoyed. Every where you look out here feels like a movie :)


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The moment we have a curation team together for travel videos we will be accepting shorter text posts using the travelfeed tag. We're still looking for one more person. But for now we require 250 words. Hope you understand.

Yeah no worries at all, totally understand. Just wanted to start using the hashtag as I thought my videos fitted the feed :)

That gave me goosebumps! Nice work Sam

Not loading on DTube :(

I think it's like this sometimes came across some videos like this today, I think the guy ontop is using another view URL

🙌😄 Good to hear. Mine still never loads, you know anything I can try when this happens?

Try this please.

Log out of your DTube account. Then clear your cookies on your Chrome browser then log back in with your Posting private key.

Hope it'll fix it for you.

If not please let me know.

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