Cappadocia area- Göreme city

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Göreme is a world famous historic and touristic place. İt is Nevşehir city’s district. İt is not annordinary place. You feel in a different planet. Like grand canyon in USA. Look at my photos and see it.

Göreme is Cappadocia historic area’s best place i think. There are famous “peribacaları” (fairy chimneys). Also rock hotels, hundreds of years old (1000+years old) rock monasteries and churchs etc. İ mean both geographic and historic tourism center.

Fairy chimneys are different geographic beauty. Rock churchs are historic beauties in this place. People built their monasteries inside the rocks. Because at that time period Roman Empire was pagan and hate the Christians. Christians built them for hide themselves. You can’t see these churchs easily.

There are also historic underground cities.

You can also have balloon tour in the mornings and you can see sunrise in a balloon.

You must see this place. Do yourself a favor, come to Turkey for a lot of touristic events. Turkey holiday’s are both cheap and great.








Great shots. Thanks for showing us around this interesting place. It´s my pleasure to nominate this post to my upvote giveaway and support it with my vote :) Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much 😊

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