Rasnov citadel, a step back in time

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When you ask someone about Romania in best cases they know about Dracula and Bran Castle. I want to share with you some photos from Rasnov citadel, a beautiful destination that is not enough promoted but deserves more tourists.

The citadel is 15 km away from Brasov city and it's easily accessible by car or bus. When you arrive to it you feel like you stepped back in time.


If you go up in the citadel you'll see a very beautiful landscape and you'll realize why was built in this location. It's at the highest altitude in the area and this is a big advantage.


It's one of the best preserved citadels in Transilvania.



That looks like an amazing location. I would love to visit one day.

I am Hungarian. We have similar castles. This really feels like stepping back in time.

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I know Transilvania belonged to Hungary and so does Dracula or this count... he followed his trail there too.

You mean Trasylvania was occupied by Hungary. Transylvania has belong to Dacia(Romania) since dacians fought with romans...were was hungarians at 101,106 A.D.?
They came in Europe in year ~900 A.D.

Unfortunately, more a ruin than a castle. I think castles in the Mediterranean area had often more luck - maybe less frost, less snow, less rain helps to preserve old buildings?

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