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RE: Spiritual excursion through the Path of the Dharma

in #travelfeed2 years ago

@milkabustamante, thank you for sharing this to us. This also first time i heard about this interesting Dharma path. I am a Buddhism and do believe the blessing from Dharma. I would love to pay a visit of this place. May I know whether this spiritual path open to everyone daily or they have open hours.


Wow! I was looking forward to a Buddhist watching this post and telling me what he thought about it.

Do you usually balance rocks? You did before? Or do you know someone who practices your religion who does it? I would love to know a more exact meaning.

By the way, could you tell me a little about the Dharma, please?

And yes, the Path of Dharma is open to all public, at all times and every day; It is on a hill where there is no tourist company or anything, you go there when you want and already.

Thank you very much for appreciating my work, have a nice day 💙

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