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RE: Experience the Margaret River Region

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I think that I'll have to take a trip to Western Australia after visiting the south and east parts already. That coastline looks pretty magical along with the caves and it sounds like the food is delicious as well.

There are direct flights now from London to Perth and if I can survive a 32 hour (and 3 separate) flight to Melbourne, a 17 hour direct one to Perth is child's play! And I met a pretty cool couple on a walking tour when I did the great ocean walk in April that I stayed in contact with so may have a place to crash... Just need to save up and keep holiday days free 😁

Thanks for sharing these images and information Paul!


Thank you Nicky, let me know if you do make it to Western Australia, I'd be more than happy to show you some of the "secrets" of the South West!

Thanks for writing this comment through!
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