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RE: Introducing TravelFeed Beta

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This is amazing news and great to see a beta being launched too! I have a load of travel blogs coming and will be using the travelfeed tag of course 🙂

Interesting that you alluded to payouts still happening after the 7 days when new people view the posted articles. Unless I misunderstood (as the 7 day payout is one of the limiting things about steem, there are some great historic articles that don't get read until much later).

Also, if posting from steempress, just using the #travelfeed tag is enough to get the article featured on the travelfeed platform? Or do we then need to log in and make alterations?

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We still consider all posts with the #travelfeed tag for curation, no matter through which dApp they were posted. In the future, we will introduce incentives for using TravelFeed. Besides, we offer some cool features such as a location picker, so we believe that TravelFeed is the best way to write travel posts!

Yes, we are planning on rewarding posts older than 7 days that bring a lot of visitors (from Google, social networks, other sites,...) to TravelFeed. We are still working on the details that will be announced in our whitepaper.

We love your travel posts, keep them coming!

Thanks for getting back to me on that. I'll keep using the #travelfeed tag from wherever I post from (relating to travel of course) and keep a look out on the discord for announcements 🙂

I used steemitworldmap to add the location of my last post so would that update the location in the travelfeed site also? If it doesn't, can you add/edit a location AFTER the post has been made?

I'll look forward to reading the whitepaper to see what other developments you have planned for it all. Exciting stuff!

Thanks for the comments and support too! I'll be writing plenty of travel posts from this trip 😁

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