A Travel Story : The Blacksea Touring : Hamsilos Nature Park,Uzungöl and Çamlıhemşin Plateaus

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A Travel Story : The Blacksea Touring Part One : Hamsilos Nature Park,Uzungöl and Çamlıhemşin Plateaus


A scenery from the Garester plateau , over the Uzungöl Plateau

Uzungöl Plateau

Uzungöl is one of the most popular and most interesting destinations of lake tourism in our country. Uzungöl, one of the tourism paradises of the province of Trabzon, It has been designated as a tourism center by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

It continues to be one of the frequented places of tourists with its activities such as nature walking and paragliding in Uzungöl, which is attracted by the natural beauty of the local and foreign tourists. The first settlement traces in this area, which is named Saraho, are seen in 1650. Today it is connected to the Çaykara district of Trabzon province.

Garester(Karester) Plateau

The Garester Plateau is one of the cleanest and regular plains of the Eastern Black Sea. The view of Uzungöl from the northern slope, which is perfectly situated and quite steep, is unique. The plateau provides its livelihood against all recreational and tourist attractions.

Lustra Plateau

It's a quite small plateau which has no tourism income and only has a limited livestock fattening income.

Actually these both small plateaus are better than Uzungöl Plateau because of their unique and beautiful nature. There you can make camping,trekking and also night photography. In these small plateaus you can stay in tents,but ,in Uzungöl you can find a lot of hotels and restaurants.


Hamsilos Nature Park

The fairly smooth shores of the Black Sea are ruined by the outcrops of important noses such as the Sinop Peninsula. Sinop Peninsula, Turkey's Sinop on the northern end of the city center where guests can visit Inceburun Boztepe (Island), including the two extensions (the peninsula) is formed. Hamsilos Natural Park is located in İnceburun extension. Hamsilos Nature Park; Hamsilos Bay (also known as Hamsaroz), one of the most beautiful examples of the ria-type coastal formation in the Black Sea, where the sea that gave its name to the park entered into the river like a river, and the two unique natural harbors such as Akliman Bay, marsh-dune-sea and forest areas and rich biodiversity, is a wonderful natural area and it is 14 km away from the City Center. At the same time 1st Degree Natural Protected Areas in which Hamsilos Nature Park, is Turkey's 22 Nature Park is one of the most exclusive areas of Sinop. It is an area that at least 85% of tourists who come to Şehre from Sinboğun and Sarıkum Lake which is one of the other attractions of Sinop are definitely going to visit. The Akliman Recreational Site, which was registered as a recreation site in 1987 and where daily facilities that allow it to benefit from landscaping beauties in a recreational sense are another attraction point of the Natural Park. With the announcement of the Natural Park of the area, the status of the promenade was removed and it was included in the Natural Park boundaries and it was named Akliman Daily Use Area. At the same time, it is also a rich area in terms of the cultural resources in which the archaeological turn is dated, the fragments of pottery in the harbor and the tombs of the ancient mariners, as well as the maritime finds of the local people, which are not based on official sources, but also the women's baths believed to be the area washed by the Amazon women. Hamsilos Mevkii is located in the vicinity of Hamsilos Port, which is a natural harbor which is mentioned as fiyort in many publications by similarity with the fjords in Scandinavia. Hamsilos; Although it looks like a fjord, it is actually a place where the deeper parts of the Deveci Stream Valley were drowned and turned into lima as a result of sea rising. This formation, which is called as Hamsilos Fiyortu, offers a unique and insatiable visual landscaping richness where sea, cove and green coexist. The vegetation cover of the Natural Park, which is diversified under the influence of many factors, is also home to a rich biodiversity. 6 endemic animals such as alanda, wild carnation (Dianthus carmelitarum), Kastamonu onion (Allium kastambulense), Cirsium pseudopersonata sp.pseudopersonata, Tragopogon aureus, Euphorbia cardiophylla, Sinop crocus (Crocusspeciosusssp.xantholaimos) there are a number of conservation-worthy plant species that are classified within a multi-hazard category. From the point of view of the birds, it is also a wildlife-specific area and the area where 150 bird species are preferred for accommodation, accommodation or migration.


Çamlıhemşin Plateau

The district, which was formerly known as "Vitality", was later named Çamlıca and lastly it was named as Çamlıhemşin in 1957. There are 6 neighborhoods and 27 villages connected to Çamlıhemşin.

Rize is the highest tourism potential. Both its natural beauties, springs, waterfalls, glacial lakes attract attention with its historical texture. Important historical monuments of İlçenin are Zil Kale, Kale-i Bala, stone arch bridges, glass and houses. Çamlıhemşin has convenient facilities for many alternative tourism activities such as nature walk, snowmobile, camping, photo safari, rafting, heliski, mountaineering, fishing.

Ayder Plateau, which is a popular highland tourism center today, is one of the places where visitors to the city must visit with its thermal springs, Kaçkar Mountains National Park and festivals organized in all seasons. There are rafting at Fırtına Stream, and heliski are made in Kaçkar Mountains in winter.


Dear Steemian friends, i hope you enjoy the Blacksea Touring part I ,actually it is the first part of our journey.I have made this story in two or three parts because of the its lenght.Meanwhile if you have questions in your mind about this visit or about Turkiye you can always ask me in discord or you can also make comment so i can try to answer. Have a nice day all of you.!

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That looks amazing and SO MANY PHOTOS! I really enjoyed that :-) What a gorgeous place to visit, it reminded me a little bit of my visit to Mongolia :-)

Every single one of these photos is a masterpiece, and I sincerely hope that you repost them throughout the year as stand alone photos so that they get the admiration they deserve! You are such a fantastic photographer!


Thank you for your nice comment my dear friend...Have a nice day...

Brother's very good post

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