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The Castle of Conversano


the province of Bari (in the Apulia region of Southern Italy) is dotted with historic attractions that absolutely must be visited while on holiday in this territory. One of these is definitely Conversano, an ancient town of art and history!

The town centre boasts ancient origins: it reportedly dates from the Iron Age when local people such as Peucetii and Japyges built their villages.
Its old name was Norba and it was part of the Roman Empire and thanks to its position on the hills, for a long time it was considered to be impregnable.
Norba followed the fate of the Roman Empire during its decline and fall and during the dark period that followed.

Then a new town rose from the ruins of Norba and his name was Cupersanem that in the centuries has evolved into Cupersanum and then Conversano.

The current historical centre, whose main attraction is the castle, was surrounded by what remains of the ancient walls and some fascinating entry gates miraculously survived against wars and conflicts to the present day.

At first sight the castle appears made up of buildings built in different periods and in different architectural styles.
The first nucleus of the castle very probably dates back to Greek-Gothic war and on its ruins was built the various buildings over the centuries.

Around the castle developed the town that later got a great importance from an artistic and cultural point of view.

Tourists can reach the Castle of Conversano from Piazza Conciliazione through a portal of 1710 in baroque style which allows access to the courtyard and the porch.

The old town provides many insights into the fascinating history of the place such as the monastery of St. Benedict dating back to the sixth century which can be reached through a suggestive staircase entering from Porta Tarantina.

The attractions of Conversano also include its Cathedral Basilica, dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption and much more.

But I'll write about all this and more in the next post.. so don't miss it!


Beautiful Old Town view


Breath-taking view of Porta Tarantina


The Castle of Conversano


The Castle of Conversano


Flight of steps to the monastery of St. Benedict


Castle Portal in baroque style


Castle Portal in baroque style with the Square tower


The Castle of Conversano


The Castle of Conversano


The Castle of Conversano


The Castle of Conversano


The Castle of Conversano


The baroque castle portal facade


The Castle of Conversano


The Castle of Conversano


The Castle of Conversano


The Castle of Conversano


The Square tower


Porta Tarantina

All photos taken by me.
Some photos contain some Lightroom post processing.
All rights reserved.

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This should be in my bucket list.

Yes, yes. I suppose so.

Interesting post! I've been from Rome to Naples but didn't know about Norba. It looks to have definite sketching possibilities. Great photos too!

Thank you, @mrsomebody! Those who are fortunate enough to explore the small villages and towns are amazed at their beauty!

The castle and blue sky looks amazing here. And perfect photography also.

Thank you! Yes, they are, actually!

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