In Pursuit of Foliage - Part 2

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In case you missed my last post - lately I’ve been on a mission to capture foliage. So far my camera and drone have been to New Hampshire, Massachusetts and upstate New York. Today I’m going to share with you photos I captured in Verona Park in New Jersey.

montclair foliage art decor professional photographer landscape

The other day my wife asked me what I was doing. I chuckled and replied “taking photos of trees”. She said I need to “get a life” but for me photography is life!

I walk my dogs all the time in Verona Park and I’ve been waiting for the right time to bring my "real" camera. And on October 25, 2019 I headed out on my continued pursuit of foliage.

Before I share with you the photos I took with my camera check out the incredible drone footage I captured (click the white triangle to play the video)…


After I used 2 batteries to capture video footage, I used another one to take photos…
















For example - I really love how the fallen tree is juxtaposed with the other trees and water.

verona park in the autumn fall season drone Montclair professional photographer art

It still looks amazing from eye level but not quite as dramatic.

foliage autumn season Verona Park in New Jersey montclair photography art

If you’re wondering how I got the water to look silky smooth, I took 2 shots and photoshopped them into 1.

For example this shot I took at 1/8 of a second (to get a sharp images of the leaves)…

Then I took another photo at 30 seconds to blur the water but then the leaves are blurry too…

So to get the best of both worlds I photoshopped both images into one:

foliage autumn season Verona Park in New Jersey near montclair photography art

If I were shooting a cityscape photo by the water I wouldn’t have this problem (as everything would be sharp) and I’d be able to get it in one shot.

Stunning September 11 tribute in light wall decor art photo

learn photography one on one private lessons Queens long island city new york

But the blurry leaves aren’t that appealing. Here are some other images I took with the same technique…

foliage autumn season Verona Park in New Jersey near montclair photography art

foliage autumn season Verona Park in New Jersey montclair photography art

As for this shot I was able to get a decent reflection (without using multiple exposures) as the sun was going down and it wasn’t took windy…

montclair foliage art decor professional photographer landscape

I envisioned getting a dramatic shot with the red bushes lined up with the water sprinkler but it wasn’t as dramatic as I thought it’d be.

verona park fountain

So I desaturated the entire image and kept the red in the leaves. I don’t know if I overdid it on this one but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

verona park near montclair nj professional photographer wall art

That's it for now and stay tuned for more awesome content like this in the near future!

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Wow so colorfull, really beautiful.

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followed you. Hope i will see more scenes like this

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Great photos 👍🏻

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amazing colours!

Great job

Thanks. The hardest part is not being lazy and getting out there. :D

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