A trip to Calabar

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Calabar is the capital city of Cross River, Southern Nigeria.
This city is famous for it's rich cultural heritage and colourful display with lovely and memorable carnival.
"Calabar Carnival" is indigenous in the city of Calabar and brings international tourist to the lovely city every December.
Unfortunately, I visited Calabar before the carnival this December.
But Fortunately, I had some fun during my tour. Lol!

‪+234 802 747 8824‬ 20160127_200456.jpg
Yeah! That's me chilling ...


A photo pose with a speedboat...I didn't rode on it due to insufficient funds. Maybe, my next trip will feature a speedboat cruise.

There is a film house at Calabar where you could see both Nollywood (Nigeria movie) and Hollywood (American movies).

Calabar was actually Nigeria's first capital city. It confuses most people with Lokoja (Kogi State capital) as the most archaic city in Nigeria. But I will prefer Calabar due to it's beautiful scenery despite the archaic nature of the city.

Yeah!...I actually went to visit a friend than I found myself seeking a tourist adventurous lifestyle.
I visited my old school mate at Calabar.
Yeah...He's a Steemian but not active
There's a spot for beer...Lolz

I caught myself strolling towards the river at marina resort.
You wouldn't believe I visited Calabar but didn't visit Tinapa resort and other exciting places...Perhaps, my next tour to the city will feature those places.
Swimming in the river is prohibited maybe to ensure safety of tourist. Notwithstanding, there are great and lovely places and side attractions if you want to swim close to the Marina.


In all honesty, a trip to Calabar is really worth it. No regrets whatsoever rather, the anticipation to revisit the beautiful historic city.
International tourist are very much welcome to this city.
I am yearning to revisit this city during it's annual carnival.

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