Kung-Flu Situation in Copenhagen: But where is the Pasta?

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Denmark was until last week very chill about the Corona Virus. People coughed as if they held invisible microphones (fist 5cm away from face). This was very annoying to me, especially since they paid no regard to elderly sitting opposite to them. Danes also like to drink and party. Not me, I am rather introverted (natural defense against the Kung Flu). I hear of people going to clubs with corona virus, and even playing beer pong while infected. Copenhagen is now hot spot of the corona virus.

Few days ago they made it to 800 cases. Most in this city of under 800 000 people. Official numbers indicate that the rate of increase has drastically decreased, but I also hear of people who try to get tested, but were refused to be tested, since apparently Denmark stopped testing people. Since Thursday all public institutions are shutdown, and even private companies tell people to work at home. Trains still operate, but they are very empty.I went shopping on Thursday, the day of the lock down, but the vegetable sections were empty, and there was no rice or pasta left. There was only 1 lonely bag of potatoes, which I left there thinking that someone else would need it more urgently. Surprisingly I saw also pregnant women and families with children in the supermarket, despite the uncertainty what the Kung-Flu does to the development of fetuses. Broccoli was a less popular vegetable so I bought broccoli, and some canned vegetables. For some reason no one was buying any canned foods. I did not check the toilet paper section since I have enough toilet paper at home to last for the next 5 weeks, but i hear people went crazy about toilet paper. 2 items I went crazy about buying hamster shopping were Vodka and Beer. I need to be much less sober if I am expected to stay home for 2 weeks. I was the only one thinking that far. If anyone out there is hungry because they cant buy the food they need, consider going to Lidl to buy instant mash potatoes, they are completely untouched despite pandemic. Red cabbage goes well with it, and you can melt cheese into it.

The reason why I did not buy the last bag of potatoes was since I already have 8kg of rice at home, and someone will need this bag more urgently. Hamster shopping is my natural state, so before the outbreak here, when Lidl had rice on offer I bought like 10kg last month.

Trains give out anouncements to keep save distances from people. Barely anyone uses public transport anymore. They also recommend not to go during rush hour.

Cherry blossoms were blooming last weekend way to early (global warming is real) and I am planning to take a walk there today and enjoy the empty streets. The border is closed now, so there is also no way to travel anywhere as well.

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