Rememberance of the most striking impressions of Stuttgart through photography

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Hello, dear Steemians!
This spring I was in Stuttgart (Germany) to visit my brother who live and work there.



It's a very sweet city with a lot of cultural monuments (I pay the most attention on this when I visit foreign states and cities). The center of this city is full of life, it is very pleasant to walk those streets, especially if this walk is accompanied by the melody produced by street musicians. The architecture in the center is really nice. Also, city parks are nicely decorated.



During my stay in Stuttgart, the weather forecast was not so great, it was quite windy and occasionally rainy, but it did not bother me, I really enjoyed taking a walk through this city.



Also, there are many good stores in this city with affordable prices. Public transport is greatly organized. Trams, trains and buses are accurate, clean and have them very often. I would say that Stuttgart is a fairly clean city and has great ecological awareness, which I like and I think it is very important.



In addition to German, many other languages can be heard in Stuttgart. Every person I addressed or who turned up to me in this town was very kind, which I appreciate very much. I spent ten days in Stuttgart and I can freely say that I liked it very much. I would visit this city again.



Brother and I visited several museums. I was impressed by museums in Stuttgart. But, about this in the next post.

Thank you for stopping by.
Have a nice evening.


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