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RE: Ready for mass adoption: TravelFeed introduces EasyLogin and free Steem account creation

in #travelfeed5 years ago

Awesome news! That's a serious step to Mass Adoption. Try explaining all these keys to my mother who uses a facebook password like you mentioned!Hahaha.
Now she can just use the same password and use a Steem Dapp.
That's the biggest news I've read all week.
Congratulations @travelfeed team


Exactly! The moment you start talking about keys, brains shut down. So for basic things like voting, leaving comments blogging one passwords are enough. We're trying to come up with an EasyWallet in the near future as well.

Awesome news, an EasyWallet is a must.
Wish you the best guys!
Much love from Greece

Greece? Where? @for91days was just on Rhodes!

I live in Epirous region, it's on the other side of Greece!
If @for91days has some time to spend, I am more than welcome to show him around!

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