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If you look at the picture,

It can only be found in 'Paraguay', a country rich in beef.

'What a 4-tier patty hamburger'

'Korea' has no choice but to starve to death.

This is because the winter comes when you stop.

'Paraguay' does not starve to death.

This is because the abundant nature continues to grow even when I stop.



Ordinary we make mistakes.

Everything in developed countries has developed, and in developed countries everything has fallen behind ...

Developing countries are in everyday life

The latest and the past are more realistically mixed.
Only the poor in our eyes are seen more and more clearly.

That's what we see as poor

Are their eyes and minds 'poor' or 'unhappy'?

Poorly going to collect waste,

The younger guy carries his younger brother,

Their 'life' with the virtue of 'rest' waiting for her playful moments



Paraguay, also known as 'poor country' for us

There are good things, expensive things, and all kinds of good things.

It's not just to ignore the poor country as a poor country.

Even if a person with weak economic power perceives it as a little more country,

Could we accept them with a wider gaze?

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