My trip to Hastings ( to be continued)

in #travelfeedlast year (edited)

Hello everyone here's a series of pictures I took in Hastings Sussex I nearly forgot to finish this trip post better late than never ok let's get straight into this here's a picture I took of a building called the jolly fishermanInShot_20191107_203029410.jpg

Here's another picture I took while walking along a little street in Hastings SussexInShot_20191107_203059919.jpg

Here's another one I really enjoy taking pictures of everything really InShot_20191107_203059919.jpg

Here's a picture I took of a nice little block of flats down a little street in Hastings Sussex InShot_20191107_203150860.jpg

Here's another picture I took of the block of flats Hastings has some really beautiful house's to live InShot_20191107_203223639.jpg
Here's a picture I took while walking along a street in Hastings Sussex we was heading to the train that goes up a hill InShot_20191107_203245427.jpg

Here's another picture I took while heading towards the train that goes up the hill InShot_20191107_203327195.jpg

Here's a picture I took of a beautiful place called the pelican InShot_20191107_203410583.jpg
Thanks for reading and viewing this post I got a whole lot more to share from this trip that I know you are all going to love I really hope that you enjoyed this post if you did don't forget to like comment share follow me @kgakakillerg for more daily original content all pictures and writing by me I would also like to say a big thanks to everyone who has supported me old and new I really appreciate every single one of you I got a lot more trips on the way I hope to see you all on my next post I would really appreciate some feedback and also what picture did you like most thanks again everyone I really appreciate all the support


Thanks for your contribution. Hastings was the destination of our class trip about 15 years ago. I remember it well when the teacher opened our room in the morning and two girls tried in vain to hide behind the door. : D

Thanks for stopping by I really appreciate the comment great little story 😂👍🏾

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