Art and Travel Notebooks. For the Burgos Merindades: El Vigo, the enigmatic Romanesque church of San

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Art and Travel Notebooks. For the Burgos Merindades: El Vigo, the enigmatic Romanesque church of San

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As singer Mari Trini said, may she rest in peace, in this one of her best-known classics, "truths are only words you can believe or not."

But I think it fell short or at least, very scarce in limiting the issue of belief and truth, only to words.

Here is a good example, in my opinion, of what I say: the stonecutter who worked this curious, extraordinary cover, which could be considered as unique in its kind: did it based on a story told? Maybe he read it? Or maybe - suppose to suppose - he interpreted it in such a liberal way for the time, that he knew that it would raise suspicion in everyone who saw it?

Because, if it is already superhuman to carry a wood of these characteristics on our backs, let's imagine, for a moment, what it would be like to do it the way Christ does on this cover, with the impediment of dragging the cross putting before it the longest part of the dark wood.

In case anyone had any doubt, here is another Romanesque crossword puzzle in which, apparently saying the right thing, the genius quarryman who worked it, anonymous, of course, is inducing us to talk about more.

And if the Romanesque is already an Art that lends itself to a multitude of talks, a multitude of interpretations and a multitude of sensations, then whoever wants to come to the Merindades de Burgos, visit this beautiful village of El Vigo, inquire, enjoy, draw your own conclusions and then tell us.

On the other hand, I forgot to comment, that El Vigo is a small, but charming little town belonging to the Merindad del Valle de Mena, and we have to place it a short distance from two other small towns that, unlike this church of San Pedro, they still preserve, almost intact, what we could consider as a very important part of the best Romanesque in the region: its churches in San Lorenzo de Vallejo and Santa María de Siones.

Also, as can be seen in the photographs, the inhabitants of El Vigo, like many of the North of the Iberian Peninsula, retain their ancient roots, surviving not only of agriculture, but also of that authentic Neolithic gold, metaphorically speaking, that It was cattle, especially cattle.

And it is that the Burgos Merindades, do not doubt them, are a small universe to discover, where the beauty that confers their situation, adds the picturesqueness of their villages and above all, the great abundance of historical and artistic enigmas that characterizes

NOTICE: Improved and augmented version of the one originally published in my ROMANIC blog, ENIGMAS DEL ROMÁNICO ESPAÑOL. Both the text and the accompanying photographs are my exclusive intellectual property. The original entry, where you can verify the authorship of juancar347, can be found at the following address:

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A really interesting story here about the carver/stonecutter's interpretation of what they created and then to try and interpret ourselves. There's only one person who really knew what they were trying to portray and that's the original craftsman!

Thanks for sharing this interesting story.

True, only the original craftsman knows what he really wanted to say and the reason for his interpretation. Actually and comparatively speaking, it is often thought that the stonecutter wanted to deepen the pain caused to Christ, much more evident if he was forced to transport the cross in this way. The question is, after all, where did he get such an idea. This is the good thing about Romanesque art, which lends itself to interesting speculation and generates multiple debates. Thank you very much for your comment.

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que bonito

aquí ya ha llegado el invierno

feliz sábado

Esta es una zona preciosa, y no te creas que queda muy lejos de Bilbao, y también suelen ser bastante crudos los inviernos. Ya sabes, cuando pases a la altura del desfiladero de Pancorbo, acuérdate de que más adelante se encuentra la frontera con la Llanada Alavesa y las misteriosas Merindades. Feliz día

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que bonito todo

Feliz día