Travel to Pinayun-an Peak

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Pinayun-an peak in Mabinay Negros Oriental is one of the latest attraction in Negros. Where people who love to explore the beauty of nature and most especially to travelers. This is a perfect place if you love adventure where your stamina will be tested for more than an hour trekking.

How to get here :

From Bacolod Ceres South Terminal take a bus trip via Mabinay that will cost you 235 pesos for air-conditioned bus and 205 pesos for non-air-conditioned. The traveling time took more than two hours early in the morning and almost 3 hours beyond 6:00 AM due to traffic. Then as soon you arrive at the bus terminal of Mabinay ask the habal-habal driver to hitch you going to Pinayun-an peak that will cost you 50 pesos per head and it will take 15-20 minutes travel.

The best time to come in is before 6 in the morning where you can see the clouds covering the mountain peaks. Don't worry there are a lot of people visiting the place rushing to witness the heavens of clouds. But in our case, we came almost 6 am and we are surprised that we need to trek for more than an hour. So we fail to experience the cloudy mountain peak the time we reach the top.


Take Note :

  • bring enough water
  • bring jacket in case you cannot resist the cold temperature
  • smaller bills and prepare coins as well ( for transportation fair )
  • fully charge your gadget
  • bring power bank
  • avoid wearing slip-on shoes ( better wear tennis or running shoes )
  • do not litter your trash
  • take nothing but pictures


Together with my friend Paul Elias Bermeo we explore the Pinayun-an peak of Mabinay. From Bacolod City, we travel and take a bus at 3:30 in the morning for us to manage our time that we can visit other places after. Then we had so much fun because of the funny experiences, challenging adventure, exhausting more than an hour trek and we took a lot of photos during our trip.

Though we are mentally prepared before our travel but not physically as we don't expect the tough access going to the top. Yet our perseverance and excitement are stronger than our reflexes that we don't mind at all how difficult to climb as we need to strive hard just to reach the peak of Pinayun-an.


We travel into different places this month and I will make content about it on my next post. It's all travel adventures together with my new buddy Paul. As we believed that exploring nature is better than staying at home while spending our time in nonsense online games or other time consuming lazy things. At the same time, we are creating the best memories that we can treasure for a lifetime. I know that everyone can possibly travel but not all of them enjoying the moments. I hope you like this post and we can also share our experiences or ideas here related to travel goals.

See you on my next travel adventures.


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