My Dream Place For Retirement in Cape Town: Kalk Bay

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If I still happen to be in Cape Town when I retire, my favorite neighborhood to live would be Kalk Bay. It is so far away from the rush of the city center, yet still very vibrant in its own way.

The town is located on the east coast of the Cape Peninsula between Simon's Town and Muizenberg. It's about 30 km away from the city center.

The name Kalk Bay rises from the Dutch/Afrikaans name Kalkbaai which translates to Lime Bay in English. The reason behind this name is that the early settlers were using the mussel shells by burning them. The lime that resulted from the burning of these shells was then used as a construction material. Source

Recommendations and bullet points from Kalk Bay:

  • Cape Cubana: Perfect for chilling with friends while having drinks and sea food against the view of False Bay.

  • Olympia Cafe: This place must be visited if you are hungry and haven't had breakfast. The omelette with croissant was truly amazing.

  • The place is like a vintage republic. Walk into many vintage shops lined up next to each other.

This place had old books from the British occupation era. I was particularly interested in an old dictionary giving definitions of psychological disorders. I even found the word for my own disease.


This place was selling accessories made solely from sea shells.

This place was selling samples of candies and chocolates that are no longer produced and sold in regular grocery shops.

What is your dream place for retirement? Drop me a comment below.




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I like the Kalk Bay Vintage sign :) very cool. A small mountain town in Colorado is probably my ideal retirement place. Nice post @haritakurdu

Thanks :) I would probably want to retire and settle down in Seattle or somewhere on the Oregon Coast.

Snap i was just there!! My favorite place!!

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hahah really! I haven't been there for quite a while.

Lol i stay in the next suburb so im there quite often. Actually part of my general running route!! Definitely my favourite place in the whole of Cape Town!!

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