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RE: What isn't seen from the Cerro El Morro viewpoint

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What a beautiful post about this area called El Morro in Venezuela. Great job sharing this at Steemit. Brings some positive vibes to your country (here in the local news we hear a lot of sad news about Venezuela..😔 ). The best vibes you saved for the last beautiful sunset 😎


I know, that's why I try never to talk about the bad situation we are living here, and on the contrary I only focus on highlighting the best that my country, which I assure you is much more than all those sad news.

Venezuela is a paradise, and despite all its problems this land continues to be a treasure.

You don't know how happy I'm that you support my job, which aren't just to make money, what matters most to me is that the world knows how magical my country is.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A bear hug 😄💙