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RE: My Travels in 2016: Korčula City

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Think everyone falls in love with this country while being here as a tourist.
The wikipedia link you provide for the Moreška sword dance, shows me pictures from people without a sword? How is this a sword dance without any sword?


Yo bro! What is bothering you?

Croatia is beautifuuuuuul!!!!! & I live here all year long!

Try to find a video of Moreška - there must be dozens of them on web!

Hehe will check some movies from it on youtube!👍

What part of Croatia you like the most?

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For me Istria is the most beautiful region but not only for its landscapes but also for the mentality of the people living there...

Mentallity in Istria is amazing indeed! (landscape also btw!). So I've been in the best part, good to know that. Your born in Istria?

I was born in Rijeka which is kind of a capital of the Kvarner bay, just on the opposite side of the Učka mountain, not the Istrian side but I've been living all my life in Opatija, which geographically enters the Istrian peninsula! & I've passed almost all Istria & I know it pretty well...

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