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Ever since I had watched the blockbuster movie of my favorite Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie I have been fascinated by the ancient city of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap so much so that when an opportunity to travel came along it took me no time to confirm my reservations.

I have seen many documentaries and read many articles as to its existence yet the actual visit today still finds me awed. IMG_20190629_101908.jpg

Hidden within the jungle for centuries until it's chance discovery by an archaeologist I am very much surprised to see its beauty - hence moving forward I need to remind myself to be beautiful inspite of life's pleasure throughout my lifetime like this place.Take courage then and trust your instincts ,roll on with the punches and punch back as well at life. Like this place nothing is ever impermeable if one persist



As I walk in its trail once again I am reminded of how nature is beautiful in all its facets be it growth or death. With this maybe Cambodian dance called Apsara makes sense. In this circle of life , decay is as beautiful as birth. IMG20190629102431.jpg

The scenes of the movie Tomb Raider kept flushing in my head as I stepped into the ruins. But also from time to time I asked myself what inner wisdom can I get from the experience


If you ask me I would gladly share a few. One everything passes at one point. Once famed as the burial site of the kings mother this is now more popular as the movie site of the block buster adventure movie.Maybe in the near future it would mostly be recalled that way.



This brings me to my second point.In it's walls is the representation of the deity Prajanparamita which according to books embodies the "perfection of wisdom".I think many of us are guilty of thinking that our our supposedly lack of wisdom will cause us eternal damnation while few others strongly believe they can never be wrong.



Both ideology is fatal as in life nothing is ever constant. These megastructures was hoped to last forever yet we know acid rain,art collector thief, human war and even natural calamity can destroy it. Yet even if they give in to decay it doesn't automatically mean the end.

FB_IMG_1561803198011.jpg The ruins generate million of tourist revenues for the interlacing of the trees to the ancient structure which altogether gives off the beauty of gentle surrender.
Compared to ongoing excavation elsewhere here none of such as they wish to preserve it so that there would be a reminder of its prediacovery state.So it's safe to say, not all things we need to overdrew are bad and not all things we value for ages are useless. This, as long as we live we need to sway wit the punches and let it bring out our inner strength and beauty instead.


One experience that pretty much impressed in me was when we were asked to pass by a structure and clasp our chest to hear our heart amplified. Another was to in and be surprised. by the way of light coming in.


The first experience impressed on me to always listen with my heart.While the second activity made me realized to hope despite my difficulties.

To be honest, I had many hesitations in taking this trip. One was fiancial as I heard they only trade in US dollar .Two, arriving late I was worried about my safety. But I tuned in to my heart craving for adventure to feel alive. IMG20190629102727.jpg
I forced myself to put a little more trust on people and my heath.Good thing my group was friendly they even took my picture and one even carried my stuff when my bag give up on me. Being iń my bucketlist for some long time I am certain Iwould regret deeply if I had not. IMG20190629101300.jpg
As much as we crave for security we have to admit that this life comes without blueprint and as long as we're brave enough to fail we will surely amount to something as perfection is an ambiguous word if not a falsity.
In the movie, death is always a possibility by not even that discouraged our heroine to fight evil. So in life wit death being imminent to all I must say we need to do calculated risk or be stucked. We have to keep on learning and unlearning as much as we grew old. IMG_20171120_033919.jpg
Many will be bruised but those that wont kill you will make you better. This if ever abandoned by a loved one or by an opportunity as long as you know you're person you're never alone or at lost.As long as one has the patience to wait something good will surely come his or her way.
IMG_20171120_033234.jpgHence put that smiling grin and let others wonder why you're still trying your best and believing in yourself inspite of their lack of appreciation. Things of beauty like this are not easily detectable to those who doesnt have a discerning eye.More so they do not produce instant results. Their value has to do with their relevance against time yard stick .IMG_20171120_032029.jpg
As such whatever you value needs your time and full commitment. .Heed not to negativity and fear but rather tune in to the possibility. I am convinced that had the king fear revolutionary amongst his slave for the heavy work this entails or the huge budget it demands to completions he'd most likely bail out or never agreed to begin with.So keep in check the limitations set before you. And just like these roots challenge them.Or risk stagnationIMG_20171120_034201.jpg
Remember like this maze life offers you solutions. And as much as youre eager to end the life 's agony as long as you take time to pause and see the beauty of character it develops in you the pain of trials would not destroy you.

By the way do remember like a root don't allow. evil and inferior thoughts rule you. Master yourself or others makes a servant of you the wise men says so be aware of ideas you entertain. As they suggest don't just thrive but live.
In this part, I have meet beggars. A child even ask me if I can give her my leftover food.Had.it not been I am on tight budget and I still have to eat my leftover from a restaurant I would.What nugget of wisdom I wish to impart ?As much as people would try their best to help you try as well to help yourself as you alone is your loyal companion. Be kind to yourself.


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