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Looks really nice, definitely added to my bucket list! (:

Awesome! I'm glad you did this :)

howdy from Texas @gabrielatravels! what an amazing find, I had no idea they had streets that small and I can see why it's a tourist attraction...I don't think we have anything that small in Texas! Have you ever been the the United States?

Hey there @janton and thanks for stopping by! :)
No, unfortunately I've never been outside my country but it's my dream to see the world so hopefully one day I will. The grand canyon from US is on top of my list! :)

oh hi there @gabrielatravels! well you would SO appreciate it's grandure. I've been several times but I haven't taken a ride on horses on trails to the bottom and I haven't gone on the river at the bottom and I want to do those.
You'll get there eventually!

That must be a great adventure. Thank you for the good thoughts! :)

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Very good post!

Heya, just swinging by to let you know you're being featured in our Daily Travel Digest!

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Heeeeeyho that's such a lovely street, literally. I just can't imagine trying to cross and find yourself in front of a kissing couple, it's so narrow that it would be kinda awkward to pass by hahahahahah

Hold on a second, the girl on the right gotta be your sister, no way she isn't.

"Sorry, I need to pass through here. Is it alright for you and your bf? Oh, thanks." 😂

Yep, that's my twin sister and in the back side is our cousin 😊

I knew it! hahahaha, how cool it must be to have a twin!

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wonderful travel blog and Powerful photographs

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