Let's travel together #72 - The Black Church (Biserica Neagra)

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Visiting churches is a beautiful feeling, but when those become real touristic attractions, this is way more fascinating. And who would believe that some churches can hide so cool stories behind their name and existence?
It's been a pleasure for me to discover The Black Church and so is to write about it now for you guys, so keep reading. :)

The fascinating church started being built in 1383 and it took around 94 years to be done.
The gothic style of the beautiful building represents one of the most representative monuments from Romania, measuring a lenght of 89 meters and 38 meters width, brought to the church the title of the biggest church from our country but also from Vienna and Constantinople.
The Black Church can be found in Brasov, Romania, and it represents the parochial church for the lutheran evangelical community in town.
The name of the church is not random as back in 1689 the place has been temporary invaded by Turkish people which started a fire in that location, so the walls of the building have sowly became darken. The name have been officially accepted later in the 19th century when there wouldn't be a better name to say the story of the broken roof and the burned furniture of the marvelous church.

With all that happened, the church started being renovated, getting a way different style for the interior with a baroque aspect.
The wonderful ruin can be home for thousands of people, having an impressive capacity for sheltering 5000 people and is structured in 3 different parts: 31m for the chorus, 42m for body and the rest of 16m are dedicated to the base of the tower.
The total surface of The Black Church is of 2500 m2 and is situated on589m over the sea level.
The Black Church conquers not only with its unique looking but also by what it hides inside, such as owning the biggest bell from Romania, which is 100% made of bronze weighing 6,3 tons.

Just like any other masterpiece, the church has also a collection but not of bells or anything church related, but more likely a carpet collection which is the biggest collection from Europe right after the museum from Instanbul. The playful colors of the over 150 oriental rugs are one of the very first things that get the attention of any tourist which is crossing the threshold.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 4.33.59 PM (1).jpeg

Leaving behind the collection of the carpets for a moment, the tourists that visit The Black Church can also discover many pieces of art such as:

  • The Main Altar (1866): until the reform, the altar occupied the position of the Saint Maria which also have been the original name of the church;
  • The Font (1472): it represents one of the few objects that survived to the fire from 1689;
  • The Amvon (1696);
  • The Altar from Feldioara (15th century): which presents many scenes from the Jesus life, painted on the walls;
  • The Gothic Portals (1477).

Even though it's just a church, the building shelters many concerts of organ especially in the summer when there are 3 concerts every week (on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). The organ is the biggest one from the Southeast Europe having an impressive composition of around 4000 tubes and 76 register.

The huge church represents the heart of Brasov and it's one of the main attractions of the city.
The Black Church can be visited anything between 10.00-19.00, except Sunday when the schedule is 12.00-19.00 and Monday when the doors are closed.
The prices for visiting the beautiful building are 10RON for adults (2.16EURO), 6RON for students (1.29EURO) and 3RON for kids (0.64EURO) - those which are younger than 18 years old.
The tourists can also take part to the concerts that are held in the church in eschange of paying for the tickets:

  • The Summer Musical Concerts - 12RON (2.6EURO);
  • The Concerts For Important Events - 20 RON (4.32EURO);
  • The Exceptional Concerts - 15-25RON (3.24-5.4EURO).
    Source: honterusgemeinde.ro

The Black Church is located in the center of the city and to get there you can take from the train station the bus no. 51 which will bring you to the destination.
Unfortunately, I visited this place on a Monday and that made it impossible for me to get inside the church and share some pictures but I'm sure that will make you even more curious to discover by yourself the beauty of the wonderful survivor. :)


WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 4.33.59 PM.jpeg

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Incredible church! Thank you for the very interesting history information!


Indeed it's a unique church with lots of great information behind its name. I'm happy that I got the chance to write about it. :)

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I hope you had a great time visiting Brașov. It's a shame you weren't able to visit the tower of the Black Church and the bell :(

I had the chance to see it when I was in high school and besides the awesome view of the city there was that gigantic beautiful bell. Maybe next time!

Happy traveling!


I do regret that I couldn't enter and see it properly but hopefully one day when I will visit the city again, I will be able to also fully check out the church.

Thank you so much for stopping by and happy traveling too! :)


When I see something about my hometown ✋ 😁 ✋ All hands in the air! Wohoo!


You've been blessed to be born in a great city! :)

That church looks MASSive! ;)


Indeed. And I love that! :D

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I totally love the pictures of the black church and the lay out of your post! <3

Oke next time when I when I will be in Romania is will totally visit this!


Thank you so much! 😊
Be sure to visit it anytime but not on Monday, as it is closed and that would be a great loss not to enter and discover the interior of the church. 😇

Hi there. Your church post caught my attention as I am crazy about church architecture. One of the subject that I so love and I would spend hours just taking photos of churches. We have a lot of churches from the Spanish era and some are called earthquake baroque as there were affected by such disasters. The Black Church is beautiful with its gothic style. So curious how it looks like inside.


Hello, thanks for stopping by. :)
Indeed, churches are very interesting if you analyze their architecture and structure. And what's the best part is that none of them are alike, and I love that.
I am also very curious how The Black Church is inside even though I've seen some pictures but hopefully next time I will visit it not on a Monday when it's closed, lol. :D

I really have to make it to Romania next year, I have a friend who studies in Oradea and have been wanting to visit him for quite a while! Great post!


That would be really cool! I'm sure you won't get bored while in Romania 😄
Thank you! 😇

Very interesting @gabrielatravels, amazing that it's still standing!


Yeah, that's really beautiful that it still lasts. And it will for many more years! :)


Thank you so much! :)


Yep, I've been away for two weeks with intense traveling and got fresh & interesting things to write about ♥️
Thank you for the warm welcome and the generous upvote 😇