After a long time i saw your travel related article in my feed.
beautiful place.

Yeah, unfortunately I'm pretty busy in the following month so I will post only once per week until I can completely get back to this.
Thanks for your stopping at my post :)

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Thank you so much! 💕

I have been there when I was a little kid with my grandma. It's still beautiful! I'd like to take my son there one day. I am sure he would enjoy learning more about the Romanian culture. Thanks for another great post, as usual!

Thank you too! :)

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I love that the park also has a restuarant...because I'm ALWAYS hungry!!

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Hiya, just swinging by to let you know that this post made the Honorable mentions list in today's Travel Digest #202

lovely pictures and really enjoyed the virtual trip :) glad to nominate this for ocd-resteem...

Thank you so much!! 💕

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Another beautiful and interesting post. Great photos and well-written text. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much, dear friend 😊
I'm glad you enjoyed the post! 🌏

A strange house by the lake. Did you ever get to that one again? I like chilling by the lake and sipping some tea.

Yeah, I reached the little house :)

Cool! I have never been in Romania, but it looks like I should visit! :-) Thanks for sharing your story of this specific museum :-)

You definitely should!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Amazing work as always :) #mytravelguide

Thank you very much dear! 😊

Beautiful photos, I like to know a little about your country through them. By the way, I love your separators.

Thank you very kind! 🙌
New post coming up tomorrow. I love promoting my country so if you like Romania, stay around. I will make you love it even more! 😊

Thanks for sharing @gabrielatravels I had no idea it's the biggest and oldest village museum in Europe! :-D And to be completely honest, I had no idea the Dimitrie Gusti existed in the first place! :-p Thanks!!

Thank you! Yeah me neither. I learned new stuffs by visiting the museum 😊

Another interesting place to visit!
Just a couple of questions:
You talk we can taste there some tradicional Romanian food, tell me your 2-3 preferences about that... and i will be able to imagine (or google it...) about how is the tradicional Romanian food... :-)

And... you said you were talking about travels for these summer... any decision?

Thankkksss for sharing!

Hmm..some Romanian food: mămăligă & sarmale & fasole + ciolan 😀
Yeeep, I already decided where my first trip is going to be. On 24 June to Brasov! Can't wait for it 😊

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