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wow,so beautiful place.

It really is :) thanks for stopping by

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Thank you for the post! I really like the way how you organize the content:)

Thank you for stopping by :)

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Your new knowledge about how create your post are great! Your post look like better, more structured and with some new compositions, colours, etc..
There's work behind all of that so thank you for your efford and for sharing all these places with us.
And yes... a little sad but history is a mixed of all kind of things, it represents all kind of behaviours of human being and.... not all are good...

Thanks :D it took me 3 hours to make this post and to learn how to arrange the paragraphs and pictures in this way. But I'm glad that the work is appreciated :)

You are getting more likes so it definitely works, the contents are good as always but it look like more attractive.
Of course your work is appreciate, cheer up and i hope you get all likes you deserve (that are a loootttt :-) )

Thank you so muuch 💚😘

you've described your trip so nicely... lovely pics and great work on the formatting :)

Thanks! I've put in a lot of effort as I slept like 10 hours in the past 3 days - so focusing on writing the article and making the coding stuff was very challenging but in the end I'm really happy with the results and the great feedback I receive, so thank you! 💚

Well, its certainly been noticed and is a job well done... Now time to catch up on the sleep!

Thank you :D yeah, I'm resting these days so the next post will be at least as good as this one :D

What great pictures and your post look incredibly beautiful design. Good work.

Then it means the 3 hours scratching my head worthed, thanks! :D

:D / I know what you mean, it's always so much work, if you want to have a nice post.

This Abbey must have been stunningly beautiful in the past but I'm a sucker for ruins to I love seeing the abbey holding it barely together.

It sure was :) haha, yeah. I love ruins - it's like while everything is breaking apart, the building still finds the strength to make some parts stand still and let stories remain alive :)

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Hey what does this say?

There are historical details about the people who died in the war that are resting there now

The pictures are beautiful and very amazing

This village has got such ancient feels!

I know, right? But still gold stories and feelings when you walk around those ruins :)

Nice photos! You made these photos recently? It looks so summery over there in Romania. Over here it so cold D:

No haha, the trip was in August, 2017. Thanks! :)

Looks like a really beautiful place and i like the layout of your posts it makes it easy to process all the information :)

Thank youuu! Really appreciate it! :D

What a beautifully formatted post. I need to up my game after seeing this. Thank you.

Thank you for your kind words :)

Great run through of your trip! What a lot of cool places to visit just in one place... Nothing like a place with so much history to browse and read up on.

Indeed :) it's also a very peaceful place
Thanks for stopping by :D

Vai, cat de bine arata postarea ta, felicitari! Nici eu nu sunt prietena cu html-ul, poate intr-o zi ma inveti si pe mine :D
Este prima data cand aud de Freepik, este complicat de folosit?
Pupici ;)

Multumesc din suflet, sigur :)
Freepik nu e greu de folosit, are o gama foarte variată de lucrări de unde poți alege ce te interesează ca sa nu mai pierzi timp in Photoshop. Doar alegi poza pe care o vrei, te joci puțin cu ea in Photoshop, precizezi sursa materialelor și aia e tot :*

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