Let's travel together #44 - Şuşara Waterfall (Cascada Şuşara)

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Today's trip is nothing else, but just another adventure to a new waterfall that I'm going to show you and I'm sure you will love it. So let's take this trip together, ok? 👫

Şuşara Waterfall is another touristic attraction that you are not allowed to miss when you visit The Beuşniţa National Park - being an easy way to go by anyone. There is nothing else than a 45mins-long-route into the nature. Literally, you just have to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains and the relaxing walk. (there are no tilted surfaces, so there is no great effort other than just walking) 🚶

Being part of The Beuşniţa National Park, the way to the waterfall is not devoid of the blue beautiful water and the exotic surroundings. ⛰

When you meet this yellow house, it means that you have completed half of the route. If you need a break there are different spots where you can rest and admire the wild spirit of the nature or even a spring close to the house from where you can hydrate yourself. 💧

Or you can choose my way of resting..in a tree. 🌳

After we recharge our batteries, we continue our little journey, meeting something new - a little path along the stones that you need to hug so you won't fall into the water - even if it's some cm depth, lol. But don't you worry, even if you don't have balance, there are hooks and wires into the stones which you can hold to feel more safe. 🧗

(Picture taken by my sister - Mihaela Valceanu)

Now that we successfully crossed the obstacle, we walk a few more mins until we arrive to the waterfall - Şuşara Waterfall which will easily bring you closer to her, to let you discover its beauty and mystery. You will notice that the waterfall is not that big as the others presented in the previous posts - but is a tiny waterfall which embraces the stones with its flow and will help you find your peace sitting next to it listening the quiet murmur of the water hidden in such a wild place. 😄

This is the journey for today, a relaxing one before some risk we will assume in tomorrow's adventure. So until then stay safe and see you soon! 🤠

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I love chasing waterfalls. I can take you to the nearest one here in Cebu of ever you come here in the Philippines 🇵🇭


I've heard a lot of great things about Philippines. I hope to visit it one day! 😊 Thanks for your proposal ✌️

Wow! These rocks and the waterfall look magical! I'd like to see it myself!


I recommend it to you from the bottom of my heart!

What a breathtaking views! seems like a great place for meditation as it looks serene and peaceful. I especially love water so that place got my attention 😃


I'm glad you liked it! 😊 Indeed is a very relaxing and peaceful place 💚

Where is this national park? While the pictures are beautifuly captured. Is your sister photographer?


The national park is in the Anina Mountains from Romania, and it has a lot of touristic attractions :) yep, my sister is a photographer ❤️


Thank you :)

Thanks for sharing another nice place!
That house seems great for spending the night there too!
And... how do you rest in the couch? Climbing it too?
Gaby the little Romanian monkey :-)
Here waiting hear your adventures tomorrow


Ahaha. Nope. In the couch I rest like a normal human lol - but yeah, I have monkey habits climbing those trees 😂

Beautiful pics :)


Thank you!! :)

Amazing post! Princess of Waterfall it suits you perfectly. kisses


Hahaha. Don't make me blush now, lol. Kisses ❤️

Very nice spot. Love the first picture!


Thank you! 😊

How do you keep finding all these waterfalls ... they're all amazing!


Just by exploring every little corner from my country :D

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This time fortunately you did not find any waterfall dried up :) Like in your previous posts your pictures still show a very attractive nature


Even if it was dried, I couldn't climb it so that would be sad 😔


Do you mean the one in your previous post or the ones in this post or both ?


I mean if this one would be dried I couldn't climb it as I did in the previous post :)


Ah ok I misunderstood now I got it :)

Princess of waterfall is perfect name for you dear..
1st shot is stunning and all others are pulling me towards them..
Your are not less than any jungle princess.. Climbing trees hiking hills..
Have a nice day.. You are lucky having such adventerous life..
I resteem this beautiful adventure for my friends..


Thank you!


You are welcome...
Have a good day

Resting in a tree is the best! Unless you fall asleep and fall out. Which...I guess doesn't happen too often. I love the cool air near waterfalls.

I'm going to a really unique waterfall this weekend...apparently there aren't any others like it!


Talking about falling asleep in a tree, that won't happen. Better in a hammock, hehe
Have fun on your journey! Waterfalls are really amazing and each one of them has something special! 😊

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