Let's travel together #115 - Casa Milà (Barcelona Tour)

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Many people tend to criticize the work of an architect classifying it as a misunderstood creation or just something which has nothing to do with art, until the day when they are being reduced to silence seeing lots of people appreciating it and truly enjoying the beauty of every building.


Casa Milà also known as La Pedrera which means The Stone Quarry, is one more piece of art realized by Antoni Gaudí which represents nowadays one of the most important and visited touristic attractions from Barcelona, Spain.
The building is part of the UNESCO list since 1984, and its name is given by its rough appearance from the exterior which reminds of an open quarry.
Located on the Passeig de Gràcia Boulevard from Barcelona, nr. 92, Casa Milà was built by Antoni Gaudí between 1906 and 1912 and it was dedicated to the Pere Milà and his wife Roser Segimon, who also became the owners of the building in 1910.

Casa Milà represents a usual block of flats but with an uncommon design for its balconies which are supposed to make you think about the waves of a sea or ocean, but which in reality sparked much controversy.


But if we remember the unique way of creating buildings Gaudí had, there is nothing wrong with the building. Unfortunately, at that time no one believed his work will become so appreciated but actually just a random person who was creating things in his own strange way.

Not just the exterior of the building was criticized for its appearance but its interior as well, due to the many shapes created related to different natural events, Casa Milà being properly connected with marine elements such as waves, marine creatures, algae and swirls of water.
Along the time, many people considered the balconies having a look like algae or waves but in reality, the material used is the wrecked remains of a railway accident, which was also used in the interior of the building to create different curved lines in Art Nouveau style.

The first sketches for the building were created by Gaudí in his own workshop from Sagrada Familia and the surface occupied by Casa Milà is between 1.300 - 1.600squared meters.

Starting with 2013, Casa Milà was associated to a place with lots of educative and cultural activities, so visiting it became possible with the help of Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera, being presented various exhibitions, sketches, projects, the original works of Espai Gaudí, but also different layouts used for designing these masterpieces created.


Unfortunately, we didn't visit the building due to wanting to see as many places as possible and that would take us some time, but one of the things you can admire even from the outside is the outdoor terrace from the roof of Casa Milà which presents some really interesting sculptures with exuberant and independent shapes.


How to reach Casa Milà:

  • Bus: 7, 16, 17, 22, 24, 28;
  • Metro: L3, L5 (Passeig de Gracia OR Diagonal).


  • (November - February) Monday - Sunday: 9AM - 6.30PM;
  • (March - October) Monday - Sunday: 9AM - 8PM;
  • 25th & 26th December; 1st & 6th January - CLOSED.


  • Adults/Full price: 15€;
  • Students/Unemployed: 11€;
  • Barcelona Card (20% off): 12€.

Once you buy a ticket you can admire the entire place, starting with the rooms, salons, the roof and the two inner courtyards which are connecting the two blocks of flats with different entrances.




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Gaudí is brilliant. Anyone who has seen enough of his work realizes that he has his own way of looking at things, but, everything he does is unique and very individual.

Too bad you didn't get in! Most of his places are just as amazing in as out!

Great post!


I would say they are even more amazing from the inside comparing to the outside! Unfortunately we had only 2 days to discover Barcelona and we wanted to see as many as possible and spending time to enter the houses would take some time, so less places visited. But hopefully one day I will return and discover them properly :)

Thanks for stopping by and for the tips! :D

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One person might not like it, but definetely some people would

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Gaudí surely had interesting ideas of buildings in his hard and it is so great that some of them got to be realized. Even if you did not get to go inside, the photos show his genius. I love the interesting glass pattern in the door you show.

Hehe, thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the pictures even if they are only from the outside :)

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A very interesting building, and I can see how it would remind you of the ocean waves. I particularly like that last shot of yours!

Hehe, thank you so much! :D