Let's travel together #104 - Vulcanul Racoș (Racoș Volcano)

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The World of Mars would be a word too small for a place like this one.
And the best part is that there are lots of places which are barely known by people but they are looking forward to be discovered. Like the one from today's post - which gives the start to the wonders you can discover while you are in Racoș, the tiny village made out entirely of volcano resources but also one of nature's miracles.


If in the last few posts I was saying that Transylvania is one of the most beautiful areas from Romania where the things you can visit and see are literally endless, today is time to explore a new place which I like calling The World of Mars.
This place will be formed from 3 different posts because even though the locations are on just 5-10 mins away from each other, any of what I will present worth a post for itself because none of the things you are going to see has something in common with what you are used to visit or see.

So our adventure continues from Rupea Citadel after we decided the day can't end before we get to visit something less known and unusual.

Racoș Volcano is located in a little village from Brașov County, known as Racoș which used to be one of the places where rich people were living and finding their peace.
At the opposite end, nowadays represents nothing but a shabby area filled with historical information and cool architecture for buildings and castles, and also for the traditional houses.
Racoș Volcano is part of the geological reservation and the protected area which covers all the wonders that make the subject of the world of mars in Perșani Mountains, with a diameter of around 400m.
Around these mountains took place the last volcanic activities for Romania which was like 1 million years ago, but which is still creating magic for the curious tourists who wish to see some different things than what they are used to visit. The traces that were left by Racoș Volcano are so fresh and visible that people are tempted to believe the eruption was a few years ago, not thousands of years ago.


That's why in Perșani Mountains can be found the most mineral springs, mofettes and thermal waters from Romania, which is entirely caused by the past activity of the volcano.

Before starting to be a protected area and part of the Perșani Geopark, the volcano used to be exploited to the fullest for many years, for its slag.
The slag represents that mineral part of the ash coals resulted from soil melting together with the entire surface which gets in contact with lava.
The slag is mostly formed from oxides, silicates and ash, and the types of slag you can find on the Racoș Volcano are numerous, the place being a perfect location for geology lovers.
A few more things tourists can discover at this place are: different kinds of slag, basalt, strengthened lava and ash, pumice and volcanic bombs, all of these looking as if they cooled one day before.

The volcano is often compared with Etna Volcano from Italy which is still active (Racoș Volcano is not), but where the colours of the ground and plants, but also the architecture of the rocks is almost the same.

The geologic section of the Racoș Volcano cone and the exploitation area for tufa and basalt from an explanatory panel found in the center of the village.


What makes so special this tiny village called Racoș is that the whole buildings from the countryside and also the castle that can be visited, are built with pumice and tuff, which are literally as solid as a normal rock but way easier to be carried because of the spongy structure created by the gas bubbles discharged during ladle cooling.
Even Rupea Citadel which was presented in the previous post, has this kind of stone in its structure.
The colours of this area are as many as you can see with your eyes, from bright red to dark black, from yellow lotus to grey, and even different shades of green caused of the plants which dare to live close to the volcano or even in the structure of the rocks.

Racoș Volcano is on 20km away from Rupea Citadel and you can arrive very close to it with the car, but you will still need to walk around 500m.
You can get to Racoș village by train as it is situated between Braşov and Sighişoara, but if you are coming from Bucharest by driving a car you need to follow DN1 until you arrive at Braşov, then DN13 on the way to Sighişoara and DJ 131C for the last 10km until you reach the village.




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I didn't know that Romania had volcanoes. I also enjoy visiting this kind of sites because they are different to what you usually see. You can always see there different plants, even the ground is different.

It looks like you had a nice sunny day :) Have you visited all 3 locations at the same day?

Thank you for sharing and have a great week!

Oh, there are even more volcanoes in Romania, hope to write about them soon as well. :)

Yep, I did visit all the 3 places in the same day and the posts are already written and saved in drafts. They will appear on 18th and 24th May :)

And actually it wasn't that sunny, or it was that sun before storm. You will see on the post from 24th that on just 10 minutes away since I visited the volcano there was torrential rain haha

Thanks for stopping by & have a great week as well! :D

Wow. I tend to forget how unusual volcanoes can be in some parts of the world. I grew up in a basalt area that stretches thousands of square miles. In fact, when Mt. St. Helens blew I was less than 200 miles away.

So. There is this beauty of a cone. It looks like some of the cones in this part of the world. And we get to see the boots right with it!

Thanks for a wonderful and educational post.

Hehe, I guess volcanoes are different depending on the area and country they are in. And yeah, you will keep seeing the boots in the following posts, haha

Thanks for stopping by! :D

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Sounds and looks like an amazing place, the scenery is spectacular,

Indeed! I still can't believe we have something like this in my country!

I Know that feeling we have a few back in NZ as well some still active cool to see but can be a little worrying at times as well

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