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Rabbit Resort A Photography Resort


Wes and I decided to go to Pattaya, Thailand very last minute, as I had mentioned in my last post. I wanted to give all the praise to the beautiful resort we have been staying at for the last few days!

Photo By Me

Our first impression, the moment we walked out of the car I had 2 men taking my luggage and backpack to the check in office for me, I tried to carry my backpack, but they had insisted to take all my things. We walked in to check in with a very warm "hello" (สวัสดี S̄wạs̄dī) the staff was welcoming and genuinely happy to see us! It was the night of the lantern festival, so there was a lot happening on the beach, they got us settled quickly into our room so we could get out and enjoy the festivities.

Photo By DerangedVisions

The next morning we were welcomed to the breakfast buffet (included with the price if you book directly through their website, referenced above). They have everything you could ever hope to eat for breakfast, from Thai food all the way to bacon and eggs. The amount of detail the owners have placed into this beautiful resort is astounding.






The food has been delicious! The fresh fruit, pastries, fruit cups, juices...mmmMmmm all of it! SO GOOD!


As we walked back to our room after our first breakfast, a beautiful woman stood up from her table and said "hello! I haven't met you yet, I am the owner." She took time to talk to us about her resort, her husband, and the love she has for this area. I couldn't believe that the owner would realize that she didn't know someone that was staying at her resort, and very much appreciated the time she took with us!

We went to the front desk and asked to help get some site seeing done, they booked our trip to the Temple, our transportation, and had it ready to go for us the next day! It was incredible!

The views from their dining patio are not bad either


This truly has been the greatest experience, and I am very grateful we came here to end our trip! The hospitality is incredible, and the service is impeccable!

These are a few more photos from the property, we will definitely be coming back!!









If you ever decide you want to check out Pattaya, don't hesitate to check out this beautiful resort!! The cost is very well priced and you will be treated to the highest level of service!

Thank you for taking time to read this very long review of this gorgeous resort!


What a wonderful review, @faitherz33. I hope you will send it to the owner. You could not help but be happy and relaxed in a place like this. I am a swimmer and the pool makes me happy just to see it. And you needed more 5* food for sure, lol.

Thank you! It was quite amazing!! I was thinking I should :) . The food was so so yummy!!

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Glorious Stay and Glorious Photography!

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