Campervan Road Trip - France

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We are now settled down in Gordes, Provence in France for three nights. Weather is still hot and sunny but can be quite windy at times. It is a very picturesque town complete with cobblestone streets and a castle
which now acts as a cultural centre for exhibitions. Just glad that we drove down from the campsite as it's quite steep.

Afterwards, we visited the neighbouring village of Bonnieux. It is placed on top of the Luberon hills. I decided to climb the 86 stone steps to visit the old church at the top. Halfway up, I had to stop and pretend to be taking photos until I got my breath back! My body felt everyone of those bloody steps. I was rewarded by the sight of lovely cedar trees around the church at the top and a great view. Thankfully, getting down was much easier.

We then called in at one of the street cafes but unfortunately had another dining issue. We seemed to be sat there for ages until my friend asked the waitress if she could take our order, only to be told to wait! At this point, we decided to hot foot it to another cafe where we had a delicious, fresh salad.

We then visited Roussillon which is ranked as one of the most beautiful villages of France. It is found in the middle of the largest ochre deposits in the world. We then called in for cheeky cocktail before returning back to the campsite.

For our next pit stop we decided to go up market and treat ourselves to a mobile home rental, so next stop is Camargue!

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love to see France...hope u like Freetown/ Africa

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France is a very nice place. Your photography is also best. I love mostly your 2nd photographs. The landscape view.

Thank you. I'm loving the place.

who doesn't love a nice castle? I know i do. I have never been to France but have heard the stories about the rude waitstaff... i just presumed it was a rumor but there it is, right in your experience.

Nice pictures and a perfect length story in my opinion.

Thank you. It's the first time I have been to France so it's all new to me.

Thank you. It's the first
Time I have been to France so
It's all new to me.

                 - ellenripley

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