My 2020 Travel Plans

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My 2020 Travel Plans

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Ciao Steemians!

During the past year I haven't been able to travel much, or at least not as much as I'd like, but I've still managed to take some satisfaction.

I've visited some castles, I spent a week in the heart of Piedmont, Italy, relaxing among thermal baths and hilly landscapes. Let's say that even though I didn't make long trips, together with my partner, we managed to carve out some space for ourselves to get away from work and daily routine.

This year should give me some serious satisfaction about travel, one of them will be linked to a very important event because in September we are getting married and the excitement is really big!

This unique and exciting event will involve a double trip, we will anticipate in May the honeymoon for work related issues, initially we wanted to go to Romania to visit her family, but unfortunately we will only have fifteen days and I have two big obstacles.

The first one is celiac disease, which I have to pay a lot of attention to especially abroad because gluten dosage in food is different from state to state. I would have to take the supplies with me in order to be able to eat decently, immediately we thought of going by car, but not having so many days available and so many kilometers to travel would be a difficult task, add to this the fact that I do not have a driver license and it would be my sweetheart's job to drive all the time and from difficult it becomes impossible, so we changed our minds.

The second option would be the plane, but having never taken one in my life because it inspires totally zero, we have also rejected this option, plus there would always be the "food problem".

So, being the buzzkill of the situation, our destination will become Naples, all already booked in advance, 12 days including the two-day round trip by train. Exactly ten trip days in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The other destination is closely related to the wedding, the beginning of September we will spend a week on Lake Lugano on the Italian shore, honestly I thought this lake was entirely in Switzerland, but I was totally wrong.

In addition to these two I would like to participate in some events, including the Ivrea Oranges Carnival which will be held in about ten days which I have not attended for several years. My passion for the places of the past will certainly take me in search of castles, museums, exhibitions and some unmissable mountains excursions.

In March I plan to go to the RHO comics fair in Milan, one of the largest in the world, an event for young and old in which I am very curious to participate, last year I was in Candelo, near Biella, where the fair was really small but very fun.

The year 2020 will reserve me many adventures and pleasant surprises, the expectations are at the highest levels and I can't wait to leave and share my experiences with you!

The picture that you see in this article were taken by me last autumn in Acqui Terme, Alba and Barolo.

Below you can watch a video of some places that I visited some time ago where you will see the Alps, some places of historical interest in Florence, San Gimignano and the Aosta Valley woods, enjoy watching!


Thanks for reading, a big hug and see you soon!

Logo by @ran.koree

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Sounds like congrats are in order for your wedding. 🎩 Safe and happy travels.

Thanks a lot! really kind!! You too! :)

Travel is the best education. And absolutely essential for a well-rounded life and blissful soul :)


Agree 100%!! :)

Congrats buddy!
Very busy schedule, very active year to be looks like😎
Great life event in September and many vibrant places to visit!
Thumbs up😉 👍

Hey! Thanks a lot mate! Will be a great year!! I hope yours will be also great!
Take care!😉✌️

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Wish you the best of luck and experiences! Traveling is always a good thing to do :))
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Thanks a lot man, really kind! Travels are Simply great!!😉✌️

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Thanks!! :)

Through our travels I have learned a lot about history in our country. I never realized it could be so interesting once you see places in person. May you have an amazing travel experience ahead.

I've learned many things too! Travel it fills you up inside!
Thanks a lot!! :)

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I like your pictures and the way they are filtered, which seems to affect the sky mostly. I enjoyed the video; some really beautiful scenery there.

Thanks a lot!! Really kind! I'm ready to be a good husband! :)
Happy that you like it!

Depending where you are planning to go in Romania, you will be able to find gluten-free dishes. I've seen many restaurants in there having an additional gluten-free menu.

Her parents are living in a very small and distant village in south "unfortunately"...

Have a great trip! It looks like you know how to do that. Welcome to PHC.

Thanks a lot!!! :)

we managed to carve out some space for ourselves to get away from work and daily routine.

I'm telling you, this is exactly what I work for. Doesn't always materialize, but sometimes the stars align and my mind is free again! I call it mental health time :-)

Thanks for sharing the info and the video too! It gives me some ideas on where to consider travel to.

Great thought!! :)
I'm always happy to be helpful!! Thanks!! ;)

It’s so nice to remenis and dream of things to do. I hope all your wishes come true

So kind! Thanks a lot! I hope the same for you! :)

Well with photos like this I don't blame your desires to travel my friend.
Sorry to hear about all of your obstacles, but glad to know that you could at least make some plans.

Thanks a lot!! You're really kind!! ;)
Take care!!

My pleasure and all blessings to you my friend!😄 😄

Beautiful pictures, @dexpartacus. They look like paintings. I’m sorry to hear about your celiac disease, and that you have to plan your travels around it, but I’m very impressed that you push through the barriers and don’t let it rule your life!

Thanks, you're really kind!
Yeah, never give up! ;)

I love Italy @dexpartacus, I have family in Empoli. 💕


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Really!? Never been there, must be a nice place! :)

Congratulations on the marriage and I hope that all your plans will be

Thanks a lot! Really kind, I hope yours too! 😀

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Hi there,

Where is that post of yours where folks suppose to post their Steem Stories?

Can you be so kind as to throw me a link?

Thank you kindly!