SteemFest 4 - packing my stuff for Bangkok

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My lovely blue luggage 

Today I started to pack my stuff for #SteemFest4 and warm Bangkok.

As always before I start to travel, I start thinking about...

What should I bring, what will I forget to bring?

Two Steem T-Shirts, a few Shorts, a few Shirts, a jacket and some more room for other stuff.

Sure, I add something to read for my friends. One copy of my latest book "Praxistipps Kundenkommunikations" for someone who like to read some German language.

You might see as well my little plastic box, where I have always a few GooglyEyes with me.

You never know what face you meet.


Yeah, I prefer to use my own and not the Hotel one. So I added this to my luggage

I pack as well a Chromatic Dragon

Yes yes, this is my card I got at SteemFest 3 and I didn't used it so far. I even don't know if this is a valuable card or just nothing.

Maybe someone like to have this for a "handful of Steem"

My video stuff

As the SteemFest is a great place to speak with so many people, I will add my video stuff and my gimbal to picture some talks.

Let's see whom I will get in front of this "Zhiyun Smooth 4" and my Smartphone.

A little surprise 

This time the BEER family created a little surprise for everybody I will meet at SteemFest. Let's see what will fit into my luaggage

Picture by Pixabay

I pack some fear

As being already a few times in Bangkok and Thailand, my biggest fear is that my luggage don't have enough room to carry home all the nice things from that wonderful city.

Our hotel is close by the BOBAE market and this is something you might love to visit to fill up your own luggage with some memories from Thailand or some presents for your friends and family.


The new sign for the #BeerSaturday is ready and with this post you get the artwork to create you own sign.

The old BeerSaturday sign

This one saw already the SteemFest 2 in Lisbon and we had a great time and many pictures during SteemFest 3 in Krakow. I saw it the last time during a meetup in Rotterdam where it got lost.

New Frontside

The front is clean and has the actual Steem and the BEER token logo.

New Backside

The backside carries the same logos and as well a cool designed QR code that leads you to the BeerSaturday Website where we soon will setup the forum and many more BEER related informations.

The SteemFest 4 App

Make sure you add this lightweight app to your luggage aka your smartphone to get all the actual data and informations about the event in Bangkok.

My strong advice ---> Download now

Get your #SteemFest App here for Apple - iOS or for your Google - Android

Travel with some BEER

As there might be some more people like to taste a nice Belgium Beer, I will see how much I may add to my luggage.

Some information is here at Tripadvisor

Picture by Pixabay

And they say this Duty-Free Items are allowed

You are entitled to bring no more than 200 cigarettes or cigars into the country without paying duty. In addition, tobacco up to a weight not exceeding 250 grams is duty exempt.

One liter of wine or spirits may be brought into the country on a duty free basis, and you are entitled to bring in a ‘stills’ or ‘movie’ camera, five rolls of still film or three rolls of 8 to 16mm movie camera film for personal use.

Does this say just one liter?

Ok, to be sure I will search a bit more or take only two bottles.

Some Peak Beer 

So, I will add a few bottles of the new Belgium Peak beer to my luggage

This is getting brewed on the highest point in Belgium and

Our other chance

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Organisation ist alles, aber irgendetwas fehlt am Ende dennoch ;)
Ich wünsche Dir viel Spaß und lass Dir das Bier dort schmecken.

Das mit dem Bier wird schwer, aber ich habe schon ein paar Dinge für den #BeerSaturday at SteemFest4 in Planung

Sunscreen. Don't forget that one.

Your video stuff might look suspicious while being screened at security checkpoint ;-)

Hi @gtg, I had it with me in Thailand this summer, but I had it in in my hand-luggage.

Even worse - I had my drone with me. This is forbidden by law in Thailand and you may use this only with a licence

See you soon in BKK

Changiert kann man trinken. In warmen Regionen wird man meines Erachtens auch nicht so schnell besoffen,

Viel Spass in Bangkok (und Umgebung?)!

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Danke, Chang geht aber als Bierliebhaber ist das halt sowas wie Kölsch... ;-)

Darauf nen !BEER

Hey @felix.herrmann, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

@tipu curate

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Therefore a !BEER for you

Prost !BEER

Hey @for91days, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I can see I am going to get jealous to read about people going to Steemfest, but it just was not viable for me this time. I know you will have a great time and probably find some new beers to try.

That video rig looks cool.

To make you even more FOMO

We will miss you!!

;-) greetz @Detlev

:( I consider myself fortunate to have been at two of these. There will be other events. We need others besides @roelandp to organise some big ones.

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done! #cc

[@alucian] Very nice, welcome on the Project. :-)

Safe travel, glad you got the toothbrush in before the beer @detlev

LOL - alway, it will might change the good taste of the !BEER if you don't brush before.....

Now I got the name BEERbrush into my head

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Can't wait to see you again in BKK and share a beer with you.
Have a safe trip.

Yes, my flight is tomorrow and I‘m preparing all kind of things.

Where are you flying from?

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

Frankfurt with Qatar Airways