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Initial Landscape in the Marinella's Estate

Hello guys!

As promised in recent days, this is the blog post about my short travel in the Marinella's Estate. Short because this place is 10-12 kilometers about away from my city, immediately after the Tuscany-Liguria border.

Last week I biked from my home to Marinella di Sarzana. I had not yet decided where to go, maybe Ameglia and Montemarcello; but when I arrived along the beach, I chose to remain surroundings. So I entered in the Marinella's Estate, a big natural zone where usually the people go to walk, run or biking.

Hay Bales in the Estate
Today, the Estate it is used to do physical activity and to graze some flocks; especially at summer's end, there are some hay bales along the paths.

But the situation hasn't always been this way.

Casual Flowers

The Marinella's Estate is a complex of rural fields and an old agroindustrial village. In the past, it has come to extend into the surrounding plains up to a width of 500 hectares and was an important agroindustrial center thanks to the Fabbricotti Family Administration and the work of the people that struggled there.

A slice of the Estate
But...returning to my travel.

Landscape from the earth
As soon as I entered the estate, I followed the first path: a large dirt road bordered by green expanses. I slowly cycled and watched around; sometimes I stopped to take some shot with my smartphone.

Little Hive
In one of these moments, I was biking near two old habitations. I went down from my bike to photography a little hive on a wood body that I lucky saw. I increased the zoom percentage to obtain a decent pic.

Another Slice of Estate

Pines framed the path
I took one path of the area again and continued to the half closer to the sea. Several Pines framed this section of the Estate. In the first, the landscape was more sparse.

Flower Detail

I started to see beautiful flowers sprouting from some bushes of shrubs beside the stagnant streams that abound in this place. Initially I didn't notice it and I simply took a picture of it thinking they were flowers like the others.

So, I continued my travel and I found some branches. These allow you to leave the estate to reach the village of Marinella di Sarzana, out of the green lands of the Estate. I decided to come back because I didn't finish my tour yet.

Old abandoned buildings
In that portion, the path bordered the old habitations of the agroindustrial village. The buildings ensemble has grown thanks to the investments of the Fabricotti Family and counted more and more working activity until the last century end.

Casual Detail
Famous in this village was the Latteria Marinella (Marinella's Dairy), an activity that sold milk and dairy products to many supermarkets and shops in my area. Unfortunately, we can no longer enjoy his productions as a result of the financial and administrative uncertainties of the last few years, which have endangered not only this activity but the fate of the entire estate, still uncertain.

Topinambur or Not???
Reaching a large gate, I noticed an immense bush full of the same type of flowers seen previously. Later, when I got home, I knew that they could be exemplary stems of Jerusalem artichokes, even though I still don't know for sure.

Village Landscape
But...returning to my travel again...Turning in front of the gate, I saw a long line of old buildings. On the finish, a church: this is the church of the old agroindustrial center, the Saint Eutichiano Church, dating back to 1881. A mister beckoned to me when he saw me looking out the gate; "I take a photo", I said. It seemed to me to be convinced and he ignored me ... or at least I hope.

Memorial Zone
Continuing my travel, I arrived to a memorial place named to the Fabricotti Family. In front of, I also saw a statue named to the same people.

Low Exposure Beach
In conclusion, I left the Marinella's Estate. I choose the first exit and I went on the neighboring beach, taking a shot of the sun hidden in the clouds.

In truth, there were more exits. From the previous episodes of my travel in this place, I counted at least 6 but I'm almost sure there are others; one of them links the Marinella's Estate to the Ancient Luni Zone thanks to a pedestrian bridge that passes over the highway.

And I finished. This was my afternoon, this was my travel. Securely I'll return there in the future. As I said, the several kilometers of gravel road makes it very suitable for walks and excursions. Furthermore, the route is entirely flat; the only exception is the pedestrian bridge I mentioned earlier.

I greet you, friends!

To the next!

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Si sono topinambur, mio padre li ha piantati davanti al suo garage.
Davvero bello il tuo post, aspetto di leggere di altre tue belle passeggiate

Grazie del riscontro @libertycrypto27 Dalle foto sul web mi sembravano loro ma la prova definitiva sarebbe stata una vanga in spalla e quella fatica ho voluto evitarmela 😅

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Scenic imagery, the long path shots are lovely.

Thanks 😁

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You took great pictures with your smartphone. The story of your tour was very pleasant to read. Thank you for sharing this travel experience of the small town Marinella di Sarzana. A big hello @davidesimoncini

Thank you too for your words. Hello 😁

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This site has a history that fills me with nostalgia.
His past ...
Everything changes, but it is good that you know his past and make his great story known.
Beautiful and detailed photos.
Congratulations on Curie's vote.

Questo sito ha una storia che mi riempie di nostalgia.
Il suo passato ...
Tutto cambia, ma è bene che tu conosca il tuo passato e fai conoscere la tua grande storia.
Foto belle e dettagliate.
Congratulazioni per il voto di Curie.

Thank you too. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. In the future, who can tell what will happen? 🙂

Gracias a ti también. Me alegra que hayas disfrutado las fotos. En el futuro, ¿quién puede decir qué pasará? 🙂

Grazie anche a te. Sono contento che ti siano piaciute le foto. In futuro, chi può dire cosa accadrà? 🙂

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ciao @davidesimoncini! devo ammettere che pur essendo toscana e liguria tra le mie regioni preferite sono dovuta andare a vedere dove si trova Marinella di Sarzana!! il tuo post è molto interessante, le foto sono bellissime (alcune mi ricordano la maremma) con i tuoi racconti !! continua con le tue gite in quei posti meravigliosi e complimenti per il voto curie

Grazie mille @road2horizon! In effetti il paesaggio può ricordare molte delle zone giù in Maremma, nonostante qualche differenza.

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Hola hola!

Dejame decirte que las fotos son un poema, hermosas y reflejan alegria :)

Saludos desde Venezuela

Muchas gracias, felicidades, me alegro de que te gusten. Muchos saludos a ti también!

Utilicé un traductor, espero que haya traducido bien😅

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like them. Many greetings to you too!

I used a translator for spanish, I hope he translated well 😅

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Y lo hiciste perfectamente, tu publicación llegó hasta en Venezuela jajajaja

jajajaja estoy feliz

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Hey @davidesimoncini, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!