„Little Vienna” in Poland

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Today I’d like to invite you to a short tour of a city in Poland. The city known as ”Little Vienna” is located on the border of the Silesian and Lesser Poland voivodships. Do you already know which city we are talking about?

DSC04903.jpgSulkowski Dukes’ Castle

Bielsko-Biała was established on 1st January 1951, when two neighboring towns - Silesian Bielsko and Lesser Poland Biała - were merged.

We will start at the Saint Nicholas Square, where one of the biggest churches in the city is located - Saint Nicholas' Cathedral. It is interesting that this building does not have one specific architectural style - we can find here both Gothic elements (when the church was built) and for example Neo-Romanesque elements.

Saint Nicholas' Cathedral

Going the narrow Koscielna Street we come to the Market Square. The Market Square in Bielsko-Biała has a rectangular shape. From each corner there are two streets perpendicular to other. These streets are narrow or very narrow. Here are some examples:

Wzgórze Street

Podcienie Street

In the central part of the Market Square there is a fountain with a sculpture of Neptune.Right next to it there are two archaeological exhibitions - a stone well and foundations of urban weight. Around the Market Square there are tenement houses, in which there are currently many restaurants.

Market Square model

While exiting the Market Square on Wzgórze Street or Podcienie Street, in front of you will see Sulkowski Dukes’ Castle. It is the oldest historic building in Bielsko-Biała. It was built in the 14th century by the Cieszyn Duke Przemyslaw I Noszak, and then it was gradually extended. At present the castle houses the Historical Museum.

Sulkowski Dukes’ Castle

Sulkowski Dukes’ Castle

Going further down Wzgórze Street you will reach Bolesław Chrobry Square, with which through the underground passage you will reach the main promenade of the city - 11 Listopada Street.
Just behind the bridge over the Biała River you will find a monument of the main character of the animated series, which was produced in the Bielsko Drawing Film Studio - a dog Reksio.

Monument and fountain Reksio

Walking further you will reach the Town Hall Square, where you can visit the tourist information and admire the beautiful building of City Hall. It is the seat of the President of the City and the City Council.

City Hall

Returning on the promenade you can visit retail, service and catering outlets. It is worth to try fresh donuts in one of the traditional doughnuts or craft ice cream ;)

The main promenade of the city - 11 Listopada Street

Getting to the bridge over the Biała River we can continue our walk along the river. You will reach CH Sfera Gallery. In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful shopping centers in Poland ;)

Biała River and Sfera Gallery

Sfera Gallery from another side

In a front of the building you will see the monument of the next characters of the fairy tale, which was created in the Bielsko Drawing Film Studio - Bolek and Lolek.

Monument to Bolek and Lolek

Going further along Cechowa Street, then Zamkowa Street, you will reach the Polish Theatre and the building of the Main Post Office.

Polish Theatre and Main Post Office

The building of the Polish Theatre was built in 1989-1980 and is richly decorated. In front of the Theatre there is a replica of a historic fountain.

Polish Theatre

This way, our trip to the center of Bielsko-Biała has come to an end. You could see many wonderful buildings and beautiful architecture. This is my place. Somewhere there, in the middle of all this is me ;)


All the photos were taken by me.

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