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That’s said, we arrived in Corsica, in the port of Ajaccio this morning a bit later than normal due to the amount of sea miles we had to cover. Ajaccio ( named after Ajax ) is The birthplace of Napoleon. Ajaccio is located on the west coast of the beautiful small island of Corsica and belongs to France. About 210 nautical miles southeast of Marseille, where we docked last year with the MSC MIRAVIGLIA. It occupies a sheltered position at the foot of the hills on the northern shore of the Ajaccio Gulf.

# Napoleons jacket

The present town of Ajaccio lies about two miles to the south of its original site, from which it was transferred Genoese in 1492. Occupied from 1553 to 1559 by the french, it again fell to the Genoese after the treaty of Cateau Cambresis in later years. The town finally passed to the french in 1768. The city is full of history and it is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte who lived from 1769~1821and became emperor of France. But Ajaccio is also known for its Institute of arts and science, established by Napoleons first uncle. As shown i my previous blog the Bonaparte House was the second home to the family, which had arrived at the end of the 15th century, and Napoleon was born here. And that was the museum we visited and I blogged about.

# high in the hills overlooking the ocean in peace

But also the Citadel, the Lantivy Palace and municipal library are typical in the street site of Ajaccio. The coast line, and the nature is beautiful. Corsica really surprised us with its variety of landscapes: a mountain range plunging into the sea, beautiful beaches and small bays, green forests flowed by mountain streams, unusual places with impressive rocks. We took the hop on open bus tour across the island, for 2,5 hours. We also walked my Actifit says 6500 steps.

# One of the two cemeteries with family graves

The central mountains divide Corsica in two nice parts. In the south and west Corsica is granite-like Porto-Vecchio, Sartène and Ajaccio, Where we began the trip and volcanic part Scandola, Cintu, Tafunatu Capu according to the voice over. We offcourse didn’t understand all places but with the map you get a great view of what the island is about. The landscape is lively and accentuated with high tops, deep carved bays, capes, cherries and cactuses.

# holiday apartments in the mountains

The mineral riches of Corsica are here in large areas. Many rocks of different ages, colors and hardness raise their heads everywhere and form striking contrasts of shapes and colors. I shared some beautiful pictures in this blog.

With its about 150 peaks above 2000 m, Corsica is the highest island in the Mediterranean and also the greenest. I could do a #treetuesdsy blog about Corsica aswell and with the palms all around it’s tropical aswell. In the mountains where there is plenty of water there are forests everywhere.

We drove along the coast with the bus. Corsica has about 1000 km coastline. And I loved the warm climate and the warm salt sea the Mediterranean Sea. The relief formed by the sea, the sun and the wind and the crystal clear water with all the small beaches, cliffs, bays and coves, creating a landscape of remarkable beauty. Also all the beach restaurants are beautiful and the smell that came to us in the open bus is very great.

# the fish farms in the water in front of the coast line

The coastline looks wild and beautiful naturish. The French Coastal Protection in Corsica monitors the preservation of these natural areas. We saw all kinds of seabirds and a sea eagle 🦅

 All the lovely old streets

There are several fish farms in front of the coast where sea bass and dorade were bred. On the menus in the bar we saw them, but we only had a glass of wine in the sun. Lunch is skipped and dinner is on the boat.


Now it’s almost time to sail to Genua again, so I will leave you with some great pictures of the harbour when it’s still sunny and right now ( 17:43 hour ) when we sail away.

At 16:30 before we sailed

After we sat sail and the sun went down....... BEY AJOCCIO

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Beautiful photography and thanks for share your memories . Anyway lovers of life and love in general...nice .

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I love holidays too and steemit so maybe I should change my header

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Really nice Pics! Appreciated your post.

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Ohhh this was such a treat making family memories on holiday is great

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Even on holiday , have a great steemit meet-up in Bangkok 😉 thank god your passport is in order

The passport is renewed but not delivered yet. Hope there will no hiccups 😅.

This looks like it has been the most enjoyable week for you @brittandjosie! Plenty of hiking, great weather, buildings and food to enjoy as well!

Some of your pictures went sideways so would recommend any portrait pictures you have, upload them to postimage.org and then copy the url it gives you. It keeps the orientation correct then 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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That’s a great tip I was onboard WiFi and it sucked so I was glad it went through I might go and change them today but thanks and indeed this was a trio of a life time making family memories while we still can

I shared the top in steemterminal maybe we should share it in Powerhousecreatives too 🤔

I did previously but no harm in sharing it again

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This is super highly appreciated

wat een super vakantie!
leuk om zo mee te kijken!

Nice work showing us the place! You certainly covered a lot, and the photos are really good. I love the one with the mausoleums (or whatever they are).