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When we finished skiing wednesday I decided to do the #wednesdaywalk around town. Its a bit busy because everybody comes back from their day up on the slopes. Because its pretty warm weather There is not alot off snow to consider while walkiing.

For you who didnt read My blogs this week I am in Austria in Solden on a skiing holiday.

Sölden is a municipality at the end of the Ötztal in the Imst district of the Austrian state of Tyrol. Sölden is the largest municipality in Austria in terms of area. With more than two million overnight stays per year and 15,000 hotel beds, Sölden is the second largest tourist attraction in Austria after Vienna. Attitude 1368 m and surfavr area 468 km3
Source : Wikipedia


The main road through the village is Nice and broad. The hotels, b&b’s, apartments and aparthotels are All along side of the road. And There is enough room to park.


There is a small gondola to reach the higher placed apartments and hotels aswell as to reach the apres ski bars. Its a fun ride and Free.


Austria is famous for their speck, in the speckstubes you can buy All kinds off diffrent variaties.


All kinds off sausages from deer, pig or veal.
They got Nice presents too. I looked around and bought one for My dad.




There is a ice skating range but it was All covered in snow.



The skibusses are everywhere so you dont have to wait long for one to take ypu to the ski gondola or to your hotel after skiing.
There even is a municipal swimmingpool.


Then I went to a gift shop because in the window I saw alot of mugs, for drinking coffee or tea. Got me thinking of @priyanarc and @blind-spot.



We at @steemterminal sponsor the TAKE A MUG SHOT for their chit-chat-show go See the Dtube vlogs, they are really fun. So if you have such a great mug like I saw here show us in their vlog comments and win some Steem.


And @s3rg3 here they sell SKOFF too, and your favorite one! When is it wine oclock ?




I bought an opener and alp tea, its with herbs and I wanted to keep the Austria feeling alive When st home !


A little futher up the main road in the village There I found a bakery, and decided to buy some local treats like APFELSTRUDEL and BELINERBOLS.






Most of the houses or hotels have their family sign painted on the wall at the front. The signs are really Nice. Typical auatrian.



I think Solden is a very Nice and complete village. Eventhough it was a huge holiday for 3 countries it was not to busy to be disturbing. Very Nice people and spacey enough for parking your car or strolling downtown.


I would recommend SOLDEN to everybody and we Will certainly return,

Bey for now,
we are going home,
See you next time !

Gr. Britt

Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated
And remember Focus on Being creative instead of Being busy !

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Lover of Life and L❤️ve in General - @brittandjosie

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What a fantastic walk around town! I was in Austria years ago and your photos brought back lots of lovely memories. It is such a beautiful part of the world. !Tip

Austria is breathtaking and the fresh air is so healthy

That family sign on the house is really an interesting thing. Never thought of that before!
(I read your post just now...)

The sign says alot about of the family.
This was a family who has sheep

I know, I know, instead of meaningful comment to engage with you I do a plug for @priyanarc and @blind-spot's show.....

I do love the photos and so wish I could have been there with you. However, that mug is the best!

I am waiting for her mug shot. She told me she will show it to me . Well, I am waiting.. 😁😁😁

She is probably waiting for this week's show. I would.

@xcountytravelers ren no problem, but the moment for the mug is coming

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Steemterminal does excist

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Offcourse i Will follow 😉

Looks indeed like a great place!
Hope you enjoyed your stay!

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Wintersport holiday with kids is so much fun, and the boys thought the mountains were KOELLL hahahah

Haha that’s a great one!

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I believe you will enjoy your time in Austria. Thank you for taking me to Austria with these good photos...:) #pifc

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If you ever get the chance its a great country to visit!

What a love city.... Love it.. Did you buy any of those mugs?

I did ...... just wait 😉👍

I did ...... just wait 😉👍

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Well thats very much appreciated but solden is so Nice it wasnt hard to make a great blog, but i love the recognition thank you, @elsaenroute and @travelfeed.

@priyanarc and @blind-spot they sure do put a smile 😊 on your face. And the coffee ☕️ Drinking 😂 priceless

Nice walk around town. I have forgotten about the family signs and how the displayed them.

hehehe... You should watch last episode @wolfhart.. this time you will laugh loudly :P :P

I didn’t see it. I am so behind. I will get caught up. I am 24 hours off. Yesterday I slept for over 12 hour. Fell farther behind.

I didnt either going there now

I still have not gone back yet and looked.
I have such a hard time with Dlive due to my internet.3mbs is all I get out here in cornfield country

Very nice post, @brittandjosie! you could have entered this for the #MarketFriday Initiative, no?

Yes but i was a bit off this morning with posting, on holiday is not ideal you forget which tag to use

Looks like a wonderful place for a holiday! The skiing there must be fantastic!

It was we are leaving today

Back to reality! I'm sure that you will have lots of great memories!

I Made 983 photos and Made lost of family memories , Those are the gold!
Thank you for your kind Words and reality is not bad , still weekend so......

Nice colourful photographs!!
This time you didn't reply to @checky!!!

I am steemterminal so I know its a Discord but i love checky !😉

Checky is angry!! You say you love it but, you didn't even upvote it!!
It's dying!!

No he is not dying, he is alive and just didnt know the steemterminal yet

Anyways, I upvoted it from your side!!

Steemterminal is a discord and heyhaveyamet are collaps with @xoutytravelers, and i love it!

Great Job!
What's Steemterminal about?

The steem Terminal discord is for people just entering the platform and the steemisfere, we lead them through the terminal of steem so they are prepared for what is coming..... you are a pro already so..

Hello! You should visit one-day polish ski resorts, which nowadays are getting better and better. Of course, our mountains aren't like alps, but they're beautiful indeed :)
Daniel :)

I hope i Will one day heard Some good reviews

I enjoyed your posts. Its almost feels like I am with you in your holiday. Have a safe trip home!


Thanks i love writing about my trip

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Thats highly appreciated

Oh, Britt! I am sooooo jealous! That coffee cup is so freakin cute! Now youa are sure to win the 2 steem in the mug shot contest that @priyanard and @blind-spot do everyweek on their P&B Chit Chat Show on Wednesdays on Dtube.

Nope we are excluded from the competition

Very nice! I'm jealous! Remember to stock up on lots of good food to bring back! I should have asked you to buy silver for me! Apparently it is tax free there!

Yes you should have asked, i didnt know but i saw Some shops