Haha @brittandjosie ...

"... for when we are all grown up😉"

... good humor. This made me smile!

That is why I am taking this trip. To figure out what I want to be, when I've grown up. 😉

Thanks for stopping by!👍

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And after 6 days which profession would be your dream.......

Wow @brittandjosie ...

"... which profession would be your dream ..."

... that is a hard question. I'll need some time to think about it. 😉

Right now, it's "professional" traveler and Steem blog poster ... 👍

Well that a dream i think, for me its lama mama since today, as my child thanks i am a lama well thats a dream aswell, one i did t know i had

"Lama mama" @brittandjosie? That's a new one for me. Care to share what that represents? Sounds creative!?😉

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Offcourse i didnt know i was one untill this afternoon,
Read all about it..... and more important look for the magnificent resemblence

Thanks to two really sweet boys