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# photograph is made by me and only me on and of the ship

We are going on a European sea cruise with MSC Cruises in about three weeks and today we are looking for tips and must see’s for the holiday. Here we go again. I have done over 600 - 4 o’clocky’s *- My signature daily blog ! I know alot of you read it and that gives me the drive to be in your life with My thoughts and ideas every day 😉

# yes i made this on a gorgeous day from the Himalaya bridge onboard

Cruising WOW ~ This is My 4 o’clocky for today. We are celebrating life and my fathers 70th birthday, and instead of giving a party we are just going with the eight of us On The MSC SEAVIEW to sail the Mediterranean. For 8 days, so we will have to see how that will be with my obligations and my blog behaviour, BUT no holiday ever stopped me from that so. It will be a travel feed week.

It’s not the first time we are going so we sort of know what we are going to experience. In the week we are going we have a holiday in Holland , so we leave on Sunday and will back on Monday.


We made this trip a few months back and it was memorable. A friend of mine is CFO at MSC SHIPPING NL, so she could recommend the best one to go on and our choice was the MSC MERAVIGLIA and we would ship in from the Cruise Terminal mole Leon in Marseille, France. A winnen if you ask me. Georgeous ship and brand new.

# photo is mine made in the port of Marseille, France

When you enter the port and the terminal to the ship you have to leave your luggage and offcourse go through customs before entering the ship. When you go on board your picture is taken, and with kids you go to a family incheck area. When all the official things are taken care of you can go to your suite and after that you need to go to the safety exercise. After that we were set to go. This is the video from the company we are cruising with. ( source is )

The Meriviglia cruise took us to Marseille, France ~ Genua, Italy ~ Civitavecchia, Italy ~ Palermo, Italy ~ La Valetta, Malta ~ Barcelona, Spain and one day at sea before we went back to Marseille for our flight back to Amsterdam.

# My OWN pictures made on the ship and at boarding

The possibility to travel this way and see so much in 9 days is so grand, i feel blessed. This ship is a dream. It has 20 decks, 2244 cabines and has room for 5714 guests. We had dinner at special restaurants but we travel with kids so we did the buffet aswell, so they could eat what they saw and choose themselves. Parents travelling with kids know what i mean. We had a balcon (FANTASTICA) room / suite and stayed at the ouside of the ship and were at level 11. The kids had a bunk bed and the room was very nice with excellent roomservice, towels and for all the other needed services. All in blue, beige and white. There are so many bars and restaurants, like the teppanyaki, and the grill restaurant. You can Imaging I gained some weight that trip.

# the MERAVIGLIA is the ship with the led ceiling all the way in the main corridor of the ship, A~MA~ZING !

We made alot of memories and had a special Captains Gala Dinner. But again the multi-gastronomic buffet that is open 20 hours is the favorite of the kids. Also for the kids the entertainment was massive. Bowling, racing, 4 D, Playstation room and a giant top deck pool. With the wickedest slides. We also went to Cirque du Soleil in a Broadway theatre. Again this is such an adventure.

# yes this is me..... and made by my lovely husband

For this trip we took the kids from school, and brought homework. And went in the lowseason ( outside the dutch kids holiday ) that is the best pricewise. Its worth all of the money you have to pay and outside the ship you can do just as many trips or excursions as you want. Prices depend on what you want, how long and where. Online is so much available and thank God for TRIPADVISOR.

# i already was a #featheredfriday fan here

# photos are all mine !! Made with my Sony 5000



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Source my OWN pictures, and the video is by MSC MERIVIGLIA via YOUTUBE

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I love, love, love that dress! You look so beautiful! 😍

Looking forward to your future posts about your cruise experience!

I get like a princess I must confess and those evenings don’t happen very often in real life. So I loved the glass stairs and thought gotta take my moment now!!! And the other blogs will follow

dat ziet er tof uit Brit.... Wij gaan 9 daagies naar Kreta met de herfstvakantie, echt aan toe na zo'n heavy zomer .. :)

Nou zeker jullie hebben het ook voor je kiezen gehad! Nice off to the sun, and where is the dog going? Yes that cruise was unbelievable a great experience and this is a gift because my dad is turning 70 lucky for us he want a holiday so I started blogging via and practicing a bit before going away you should check it out if you haven’t already @travelfeed

I will check it out !! The dog is going to my parents in law.. Then wanted to babysit him ;) ... Great that you're going with the family and your dad !! those are the precious times ...

Yes making memories is such a nesseccity these days and a party would have cost money to and now we are away for 8 days I say bring it on

I have never been on a cruise before. I am excited to read more of these this sounds like it’s going be a series!

This is such an amazing way to travel nd I know you have to have the money but if you ever get the chance go for it

Down here they will sometimes have deep discounted deals for a last minute 3 day or longer cruise if they have a bunch of rooms that need to be filled. They are always a bit to short notice to take advantage of it for me at least.

I do find them quite intriguing. One of these days I’ll just have to go for it.

Wow that’s an opportunity you must take indeed I hope for you it will one day it’s such a grand treat

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Whoop whoo 70000

Very cool shots. I love the one with the seagull passing in front of the ferris wheel. 😊

Hahahah I know but I must confess it was a lucky shot and some bread was envolved hahahha but a great entry for feathered Friday

Now that looks like a great life experience and blog story to tell. I am headed on a Caribbean cruise next summer and will have to take tips from your blog.


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I sure is and i know I am lucky to have to chance to do
It with the family. The Caribbean that must be a treat aswell , and sure that week will be a travel feed week and I love it. Even ordered a glass photoball for
Nice round shots

You look stunning with that dress!
Love all the photos you compiled, never been on a cruise before, might give it a consideration in the future.

Hi dear thank you for the compliment I felt like a princess all dressed up. It’s a must at the captains dinner it’s necktie or gala and I gladly obliged and this next trip I made a dress myself so keep you posted

Ohh and a cruise is such a great so if you ever can go for it

Can't wait to see it!

Well, I'm not really a big fan of the open sea, but we'll see, we never know what will happen next!

The open sea is mostly when you sleep we are in different countries in the daytime so the fear of open sea is not there because you don’t see it ahhahH

Haha... That makes sense!

What a beautiful dress @brittandjosie, plus some great stops on this cruise. 👍

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Yes it was a great amount of beautiful countries and city’s and all differ that’s so great to see in 8 days that the more south you sail the scenery people and weather change loved it. And thank you for the compliment

😍😍😍 You in that purple dress! Stunner! That looks like an amazing ship! So much to do and see just on the boat, but even more awesome to be able to hit so many spots in such a short time. I've done a few Caribbean cruises here that I enjoyed, but don't think I'd want to do again. I think it would be fabulous to do a Mediterranean one or I've heard the Alaskan ones are fantastic, too. I think that's a great way to celebrate big occasions, too. Once you get old enough you don't need more things, so I would much rather be gifted experiences or time with loved ones on my birthday or other events. :)

You wrote : Once you get old enough you don't need more things, so I would much rather be gifted experiences or time with loved ones on my birthday or other events. :)

So true with everything That happens this year and losing my father in law this is the absolute wa to celebrate life and I love my parents for taking us on the trip and we will some up everything and remember for ever ! And thank you so much for the compliment

It looks so luxurious Britt plus you are looking gorgeous...

It was so Good
Luxury is an understatement the staff was great the treatment was divine I felt like a princess and the memories stay for ever

This looks like a huge adventure you took there ^^ .. I am really exited about you future posts on that topic and hope I can follow you on all of them .. that picture in the red dress looks quite fancy ^^

ThNk you for the compliment a girl likes to feel like a princess an I did ! And I love doing the three parts and those three blogs won’t be enough to tell how great this is to do if you can spear some money.. or if steem
Will go to the roof

This was such a great trip I have so many Beautiful pictures

Such a great way to celebrate your Dad's birthday....all the best for a great time 😊🎀🍒

I have one week before we go I am making all the preparations and suitcases are filled getting really excite

Cruising is still the best holiday you can go on. Love the fact that you unpack once. Getting excited 4u too😊

Thank you very much @brittandjosie for sharing your family experiences and photographs aboard The MSC Meraviglia Cruise.

I was impressed by the beautiful dome with its classic images, I think that the stained-glass windows of purple tones are really an amazing sight.

I will keep an eye on your next reports about your cruise trip.

Thank you that shop is a dream, not one thing I could think of that wasn’t on board. I feel fortunate to being able to experience this

@brittandjosie, Share my greetings and best wishes with your Father and have a wonderful time ahead. Stay blessed.

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Thank you so much and I will and offcourse I will blog about it 😉

Welcome and have a wonderful time ahead.

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What an amazing way to celebrate you father's birthday! Must have cost a lot but I am sure the cruise is very much worth it. Stunning dress by the way.

This was a previous one for my fathers birthday we are still going

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Great i want the trip around the world with such a cruise it only costs 20.000 euro all in and it takes you 3 months. 😊 without excursions of course.

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Voor zo’n reis een koopje

That's really cool. And you are very beautiful. Do visit my travel diaries too.

Thank you so much for the compliment and you blogged in ntopaz and Actifit not travel feed so I can’t upvote sorry