LUCCA IN ITALY ~ visiting Pisa and Lucca

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# streetartist photographed by me for a tip


At 7.30 we arrived in La Spezia where we will stay until 18.30 when we sail further. It’s nice weather, about 17 degrees Celsius when we woke up and at 7.44 am the sun is rising beautifully. We go of the ship today because you need to enjoy the nice weather, food and people here in Italy while we can.

# photo while docking the port by me from the balcony

First stop was Pisa, with the beautiful, not mainstream tower. Its so nice restored and not at all old in her white presence.

WIKIPEDIA SOURCE **<< **The Tower of Pisa is the free-standing bell tower (a campanile) at the cathedral of Pisa (Duomo di Pisa). The tower is one of the parts of the Piazza dei Miracoli. Builders were Guglielmo and Bonanno Pisano. The 55.55 meter high tower is about 4 meters off the lead. The tower's inclination, among other things, attracts many tourist visitors who like to take pictures in which it seems as if they are holding up or pushing the tower up. Shortly after the construction began in 1173, the tower began to tilt. Because people continued to build perpendicularly, the tower is not only crooked, but also crooked. Before the 1990 restoration, the tower was 5.5 degrees off the lead. Since the completion of that restoration in 2001, the slope is approximately 3.99 degrees. The overhang has been reduced from 4.5 meters to 3.9 meters. The tower of Pisa was built in three stages, spread over a period of 200 years. The construction of the first floors began on August 9, 1173. After the construction of the third floor in 1178, the tower began to slope. Work on the tower then stopped for about 100 years, because the people of Pisa were at war with Genoa and Florence. This gave the ground time to convert; if the tower had been completed according to plan in one go, it would certainly have toppled over. >>

# picture made with selfie stick by me myself and hubs

For us it was a must see and we made so many pictures and the boys loved it. They were holding the tower and pushing it so fun in the sun, but it was to hot to go up. There were military’s around the tower aswell, a sight i Will never get use to. But nesseccary i guess.on to the next stop

# Littel D wanted a souvenir

Today we also went to Lucca, the sweetest Italian town And a historical must see. We took a taxi cab from the harbour and went to the centre of town. The name Lucca came from the celtic-Ligurian word luk meaning marsh, but there is also said that researchers attribute the birth of this beautiful city to etruscans according to recent archeological discoveries. But its proved that Lucca was founded by the Romans in 180BD at the end of the bloody war against the Ligurian who strongly resisted the advance of Rome. The city still maintains the Roman orthogonal planning which devided the space within the walls in regular blocks during the second century, as we saw today by the network of streets of the historical centre.The church off SAN MICHELE is on such a nice square we had to go and see. But there is so much to see that we had to make a choice because my mother cant walk all day. Casa Museo Puccini where Giacomo Puccini was born on 22 December 1858, and in that museum there is a collection of objects belonging to the maestro including the Steinway piano and composed work like Turandot, one of his famous works.

# I guess a #wednesdaywalk and a #treetuesday could do here, pictures made by me again

Chiesa San Michele is church located at the San Michele square, with on the front the large marble statue of archangel Michael. Via Fillungo where we shopped. And Le Mura, the walls that are well known from the pictures of the town of Lucca. The impressive monument, fully in tact stretches out for 4 kilometers, and are made of red bricks and characterised by a succession of bastions and were built between the middle of the 16 th and the middle of the 17th century as a defence wall.

Besides all the things that are offered to visit in Lucca like the Casa museo Puccini, chiesa San Michele, Via Fillungo, Piazza Anfieatro, Basilica San Frediano, Torre Guinigi , le Mura and Catthedrale San Martino there is so much more to see. I made a lot of pictures from details from the buildings and the houses we saw. But we also i had a great lunch in a nice square and we shopped for some truffles. [ absolutely another food blog soon ]

# shots by me with camera and phone

My impression of Lucca was great, very nice people and if you love history there is a week to fill. For us not, i even had an empty battery on the moment we visited the second monument but that was ok the day turned out very nice and the weather was even greater. Making memories and visiting new places is a god gift to me and i am enjoying it for a 1000 percent.

We will leave at 18.30 to the next port. The port of Civitavecchia.

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Veel plezier daar ! Ik wilde rond de kerst wat boeken naar Tenerife maar god wat rekenen ze hoge prijzen dan. Alles dubbel. Ook de vluchten. (:

Some amazing arcitecture and such history! It must have been amazing to be there!
Do appreciate you sharing your stories and pictures!
Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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Beautiful view. Hope you enjoy that time very much.thanks for share your memories.

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Thanks for bringing us for an Italy Walk of the day. Makes me wonder if I should put in in my list.

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My impression of Lucca was great, very nice people and if you love history there is a week to fill.

...One of favorite places in all of Italy, when I was backpacking through it (too many moons ago to count)

Wish I was in your place now - always wanted to go to Pisa again - we went there when I was about 4 years old - can't remember much of it - have fun :)

Looks like a really fun time! The length of time it took to complete that tower rivals some of the pothole projects in my city today!

I always love travel posts! Great one.

What a beautiful pics! I love the streets, the rooftops and of course The Tower of Pisa and that incredible bay from the first pic. I hope I can be there some day and meet all the places you told us about. Thanks for sharing.

Yes please do tell us about the truffles!
Nice photos. I love that orangey-yellow color, I could live in that.

What an amazing visit to Italy! Funny, I was just watching something about the Leaning Tower of Pisa on TV yesterday (on a show about impossible engineering...LOL), and I can imagine how impressive it is in person (and how disconcerting the military presence would be). Thanks for letting us vicariously visit with you, and I hope the rest of your travels are just as awesomesauce!

My one daughter got married in Rome, but unfortunately I could not go. Maybe one day. You seem to be having a great time and stacking up many memories.
Glad for you my friend and enjoy!

You make me sooo jealous ^^ .. sailing around the world, hehe .. we decided to try this also out one day when the children are old enough to stay at home or somewhere else ;)

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I'm always so amazed at the ancient buildings in Europe. Just think, that beautiful tower was built over 950 years ago, and even tilting all these centuries, it still stands today. It's crazy to think of the architects and stone masons, building these treasures in that period of time known as the "Dark Ages," without any of the power tools we have today!

It's very humbling when we see what we've become as builders - we're nowhere near as good as they were, and that's sad.

Lovely architecture to be seen on your travels. The leaning tower of Pisa must be quite a marvel to see up close.

Travel is the best education one can ever have in life, have a wonderful journey experiencing different cultures, history, food and keep on having fun @brittandjosie

You took some great shots on your trip @brittandjosie. My sister's just got on a plane from Pisa this morning, they're coming home. 🙏

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Beautiful @brittandjosie. On my bucket list - a circumnavigation of the mediterranean.

So glad you are getting to see the world! 😊

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That looks like a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us

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I really want to visit Italy and these pictures just make me so envious, lol The leaning tower, soo neat! I'm sure the boys had fun with that. I love the old architecture, so much detail and so much history. I'm sure you had a fabulous time @brittandjosie! Thanks for sharing :)

Woah Italy one of the places I would love to visit. I love the streets and architecture. Seems everything is picture perfect. I would have loved to see more of the church. Just to let you know I'm a sucker for church architecture lol.

I've never been to Italy. My wife and I visited Germany many years ago and that was fun. We love the old-style architecture. Visiting Pisa would be a great gift.

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