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### Ajaccio ~ Corsica the almost last place and forcing country we visit, how time files when you are having fun. The red Corsica lines indicaties that we are here. AND THE WEATHER IS SOOO GOOD , TIME FOR FLIP FLOPS AGAIN.


The arrival time was 12.30 so we sailed 1,5 day. Sorry for the last blog it was published without being finished. I corrected it already now i have WIFI again. We left port and I was blogging and the WiFi died so I just pressed blog to try and after that it died and that was 18 hours ago. So my apology!

# view from deck 18 pool bar

That’s said, we arrived in Corsica, in the port of Ajaccio. The birthplace of Napoleon. Ajaccio is located on the west coast of the beautiful small island of Corsica and belongs to France. About 210 nautical miles southeast of Marseille, where we docked last year with the MSC MIRAVIGLIA. It occupies a sheltered position at the foot of the hills on the northern shore of the Ajaccio Gulf.

# the ship is infront of the town itself, no taxi needed

The present town of Ajaccio lies about two miles to the south of its original site, from which it was transferred Genoese in 1492. Occupied from 1553 to 1559 by the french, it again fell to the Genoese after the treaty of Cateau Cambresis in later years. More about the history later.

# I will blog to you later

We docked but we don’t have a plan yet so we are going to decide when we are in town keep you posted !!!

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That is such a pretty area. I guess it is always good to have someone famous from there. It always helps the tourism.

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It's on our list of places to visit. We can get a boat from sete I think which is 5vhours drive from us.

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Ohhhh Bruce you should it’s so nice, history allover, I saw beautiful birds like the sea eagle and the fish farms and nature do much to see and learn more about so I say do it 😉

Left the port wifi was died ...😊. Some time i also face this type situation in my real life .Anyway beautiful all photography. Thanks for share your memories.

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Losing WIFI is only sad when it’s in a blog. And life is always more important so shuvo don’t worry

All these travel posts are from the same trip? Or different times? 'Cause I can't believe how awesome it would be to visit all these places one after another!

Dear friend I am on a cruise do i am in a different place every day we sail at night

What a marvelous trip that is! Enjoy and keep on sharing that amazing experience!

I will while on holiday I blog through

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That’s highly appreciated

It's our pleasure!

Great new features and i love the stickers for steemfest, i wish you all in the team a great stay in BKK and i am a bit jealous :)

We might have a little something, we announce next Friday concerning stickers and something else :) Sooo mysterious .. I know :)

You did today the business cards and stickers and all or is there more next Friday 🤔🤔😉

It looks like a really nice place. Are they really proud of Napoleon?

They breath the family Bonaparte and still love Napoleone they are very chauvinistic

So exciting going with you like this! Thanks for sharing!

It’s so nice this way I have a travel diary but there was so much more , I wil use it coming weeks for different contests or challenges

Can't wait to see them! I still have pictures coming from my August trip too.

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Thank you for your quality post!


Well sweeties that’s very much appreciated

It is very beautiful there! I really want to go there too.