You need Caesars Diamond Status. Here's how to do it.

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In this post, I'll show you how to do the Caesars Diamond Status match so you can benefit from all the Las Vegas Hacks such as free food, free hotels and much more. To get matched to Caesars Rewards Diamond, you'll need to have Wyndham Diamond Status. To get Wyndham Diamond Status, you can match with Wyndham from some of the other popular hotel chains.

Don't have any hotel status? No problem! You can instantly get hotel status with several credit cards.

Diamond Status Caesars Matching Process

Why do you want Caesars Diamond Status?

I've outlined the details and value in my Vegas Hacks post. As a quick summary, you can get over $2000 EVERY year in value just from having Caesars Diamond Status:

  • Free valet parking and self-parking (worth $25/day)
  • 15% off your stay at an Caesars Entertainment property
  • No resort fees (worth around $40/night)
  • Caesars Diamond Express lane for hotel check-in, buffets, shows and restaurants
  • $100 annual dining credit that can be used at buffets and restaurants
  • 2 complimentary nights at the Caesars Blue Water Dubai!
  • 4 complimentary nights at the Atlantis Bahamas!

As an added bonus, you can perpetually have Caesars Diamond Status every year! See below for details.

Step 1: Make Hotel Accounts!

If you don't already have accounts with Caesars, Wyndham, Hilton or any of the other hotels you plan on having status with, I would start with that. For those of you planning on getting a credit card with instant status, you'll want to have an account with the hotel program you are applying for (Hilton, Radisson or IHG).

Step 2: Get Instant Status

You can instantly get hotel elite status from a credit card. These credit cards will give you status pretty soon after being approved:

ProgramTo Match to Wyndham DiamondInstant status with Credit Card Available?
Hilton HonorsGoldAMEX Hilton Surpass ($95)
AMEX Platinum ($550)
Hilton HonorsDiamondAMEX Hilton Aspire ($450)
IHGPlatinum EliteIHG Premier Credit Card ($89)
Marriott RewardsGold EliteAMEX Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant ($450)
AMEX Platinum ($550)
Radisson RewardsGoldRadisson Rewards Premier Visa ($75)

Read carefully and know what you're getting into before applying for a credit card. The annual fees can be VERY high for some of these cards. Some other websites on this topic won't mention that.

If you're looking for something reasonable, there are 3 credit cards you can apply for that have a reasonable annual fee and pretty good benefits (in addition to getting you Diamond Status with Caesars).

This has the lowest annual fee but you can get better value from the other credit cards

I would recommend the IHG Premier credit card (or Hilton) over the Radisson. The IHG card has an $89 annual fee each year, but I keep it open for the free night you get (which is really an $89 night) because you can use it at ANY IHG property. I've used it at the Intercontinental Osaka (video) which was one of the best hotel experiences of my life.

I have this credit card and love the perks

My all time favorite deal is the Hilton Surpass card. I've actually kept the card open more than a year. I don't like paying annual fees unless it's worth it. The benefit of having free breakfast at the Hilton, upgrades and access to airport Priority Pass lounges (10 visits) for $95/year was well worth the price.

I stayed 20 nights at Hilton hotels in 2019 and if you consider just the breakfast for 1 person, that's $5/meal. Extra value if you have a family of 4 ($1.25/meal)! Most hotel breakfast buffets aren't great but I actually really like the offerings Hilton has compared to most hotels. The Hilton Kuala Lumpur was my absolute favorite Hilton for breakfast.

One of the best credit cards you'll ever get!

If you're interested in getting the American Express Hilton Surpass credit card, I have a referral link.

But I already have status...

To qualify for the Caesars Diamond Status Match, you'll need to have elite status with any one of these hotel programs:

ProgramTo Match to Wyndham DiamondInstant status with Credit Card Available?
Best WesternDiamond SelectN/A
Choice PrivilegesDiamondN/A
Hilton HonorsGold
AMEX Hilton Surpass
AMEX Hilton Aspire
IHGPlatinum Elite
Spire Elite
IHG Premier Credit Card
Marriott RewardsGold Elite
Platinum Elite
Platinum Premier Elite
Platinum Premier Elite with Ambassador
Omni Select PlusBlackN/A
Radisson RewardsGold
Radisson Rewards Premier Visa

If you already have a qualifying level of status, you can skip to the section below for status matching on the Wyndham website.

Step 3: Match Your Hotel Status To Wyndham

Since you already made a Wyndham account in Step 1, this will be easy. Just head over to the Wyndham website and status match here.

The "Loyalty Program" drop down will have a list of the available programs you can match from (list above). You'll need to select your loyalty program then your status level in the next box.

Wyndham Status match

You'll then be required for Membership verification. This can just be a screenshot of your account page from Hilton, Marriott, Radisson or wherever you have status. As mentioned in the note, do not include any sensitive information in the screenshot. The screenshot I sent for the Wyndham status match was of my Hilton Gold account. I didn't censor out my Hilton account number from it though.

After submitting your Wyndham Diamond Status Match request, they should get back to you within a week.

A successful Wyndham Diamond Status Match!

Step 4: Caesars Diamond Status Match

After you get your Wyndham Diamond Status match, your ready to leverage that status to get Caesars Diamond Status. Just head over the Caesars Official website here:

Select the option on the right [I'm a Wyndham Rewards member]

You'll then be required to sign in and link your Wyndham and Caesars accounts. The process can take a few days to a week. There will not be an email notification so you'll just have to log in at the Caesars Website to check your status.

Caesars Diamond Status Page

The points earned was from the money spent dining at the Bacchanal Buffet. It was free for me, but my friends didn't have status. We did use that status to skip the line which saved us an hour!

Overview on getting Caesars Diamond Status

If you're lucky, you can probably get the Caesars Diamond Status done within 2 weeks. Status is pretty instant with the credit cards, especially the AMEX Hilton. Then you'll need to take a screenshot of your status and send it over to the Wyndham Status match page. You'll receive an e-mail from Wyndham when the status match is complete, which can take a few days. The last step in the process is going to the Caesars Status Match page and filling out your information there. It could take up to a week for the match to clear and you will not receive a notification.

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