Cosmo Las Vegas Review: Not Worth it.

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The Cosmo Vegas is a super hip hotel...but is it worth it? In my opinion, no. The Cosmo Las Vegas is very popular and known as a super hip hotel. This was actually my third time staying at the hotel (Cosmo Vegas Studio Terrace all 3 times), but things were a little different.

Cosmo vegas room
Cosmo Las Vegas Studio Terrace Room

The first two times I stayed at the Cosmo, I loved it. BUT, that's before I started really traveling all over the world. After seeing how hotels treat their guests in other countries, it felt like the service and quality was severely lacking.

Even at the humble Hilton Garden Inn on the island of Bali, the service and experience was incredible for a $52/night hotel. For my Cosmo Vegas stay, I actually only had to pay $44.22 for the stay. That was for the resort fee because the room was comped.

I used to gamble a lot at the Cosmo Las Vegas and other hotels along the strip. So every few months, I get emails for free rooms. The last time I was in Las Vegas prior to this trip was about 7 years ago.

Booking The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

As I mentioned, my stay at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas was comped and I only had to pay the resort fee. This was for the Cosmo Vegas Studio Terrace Room.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Resort Fee $44.22/night

If the room wasn't comped, typical price are about $300/night after taxes and the resort fee. That's why I'll get right to the point, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is not worth it. If you stay 3-nights here, that's about $1000. For the same amount of money, you can travel to a distant country and live well for a week...with the right strategy of course.

Expedia Price for the Cosmo Vegas

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Resort Fees

The price listed on EVERY booking site you can imagine, does not include resort fees. This is done so the booking site shows you the "lowest" price they can show you. The Cosmo Vegas resort fee is $44.22/nightly. That price doesn't change if it's a holiday, weekend or weekday.

The resort fee is common to most hotels on the strip. You can avoid Las Vegas resort fees if you have a high status with the casino's loyalty program. See my upcoming post on hacking Vegas which goes into great detail on this topic.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Lowest Rates

I'm a big fan of Agoda. That's because Agoda has the best last minute rates for most hotels. Typically, these booking sites like Agoda, Expedia, Booking, all have a commission they charge the hotel for you to book through their platform. When your booking last minute, Agoda will significantly drop their commission giving you the lowest price by far.

See Agoda rates for the Cosmo Vegas [here]

Getting To The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

If you're driving to the Cosmo Vegas, the car entrance is on the side of the building. It's a little awkward to find, but if you miss it you'll have to take another lap on the strip...which is awful to drive on.

BUT! If you make it to the Comso Las Vegas and are staying at the hotel, you will get free self-parking and free valet parking. Both are free, so of course I went with valet parking.

Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Checking-In

After using the free valet service for hotel guests, it was a little unclear where the entrance to the hotel was. That's because the valet drop off is not next to the lobby doors. Once you get to the lobby, your next battle is to try and estimate which check-in line is the shortest!

This is a premium hotel, but you'll still have to battle through 10+ different lines to check-in at the Cosmopolitan.

Cosmopolitan Check In Time

Official Cosmopolitan Check-in time is at 3pm. If you arrive anytime between 2-5pm, expect chaos. There is an individual line for every check-in desk which seems really inefficient. It would make more sense to have one line for everyone and the Cosmopolitan check-in workers can call the next guest. It seems so simple, but they have this weird system.

Can you check-in early at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas?

If you want to check-in early, they do charge a fee. You can always try to check-in a little early for free though, because it never hurts to try!

Cosmopolitan Check Out Time

Official Cosmopolitan Check Out Time is at 11am. If you want a later check-out, I've had positive results from just calling and asking nicely. This results in a 12pm-1pm check out time at the Cosmopolitan. If you happen to have a high status with the casino gaming program, you can probably get 2pm or even later!

Cosmopolitan Studio Terrace Room

The Cosmo Studio Terrace room is really nice. It feels pretty big and open, because they utilize the space really well. A small divider between the bed and the living room keeps things separated while still feeling open.

The Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Bed

The Las Vegas Cosmopolitan bed is super comfy. It comes with 4 sleeping pillows and 2 throw pillows. That's too many pillows, so I threw the throw pillows. That's what they were intended for.

cosmo las vegas
Cosmo Las Vegas Studio Terrace Room

The Las Vegas Cosmolitan Bathroom

The bathroom at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan itself, could be a small bedroom. They went really large so it supports 2 people really well. The toilet is separated into it's own small room which is always a nice touch for me.

I didn't like the giant face that had the expression of avoiding eye contact with me as I used the toilet. That was weird. (Pictured below)

Cosmo vegas room
Cosmo Las Vegas Studio Terrace Bathroom

The Las Vegas Cosmo also had a big bathtub and shower room. It felt spacious, clean and premium. Even though I didn't use the tub, you pay that extra cheddar to have that option.

Cosmo vegas bathroom
Cosmo Las Vegas Studio Terrace Bathroom

As for bathroom amenities, it was barebones. The Las Vegas Cosmopolitan does not provide toothbrushes in the bathroom (which you can find in hotels throughout Asia)...but they do have them!

I forgot my toothbrush and ran into someone from housekeeping in the hallway. It turns out, there are free toothbrushes available at the Las Vegas Cosmo, you just have to ask!

Pro-Tip: If you ever need anything at a hotel, just ask! Even if they don't have it, it's worth asking! I've borrowed phone charged, power adapters, mosquito repellent and more!

Mini Bar At Las Vegas Cosmo Terrace Suite Room

As a personal policy, I only get something from the mini bar (or room service) if it's a critical situation where I can't move. This is common with really bad hangovers after a night of drinking.

Since this is the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan, there's no way that the mini bar would be affordable. Here's proof:

Las Vegas Cosmo mini bar prices
Cosmo Vegas Mini Bar
Cosmo Vegas Mini Bar
Cosmo Vegas Mini Bar

OFF-Topic: There's a lot of Fiji water in the Vegas Cosmo mini bar. I don't know why anyone thinks Fiji water is extra premium, it's just filtered water. On a side note, I've been to Fiji and you can't really drink the tap water. The tap water and the ocean water in Fiji tastes NOTHING like the bottled Fiji water. So that doesn't make sense to me.

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