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RE: Let's travel together #95 - Cascada Cailor (Horses Waterfall)

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Wow. It's a gorgeous place. You always show your visits to maximum advantage, and this is certainly no exception. A just truly lovely post.

Nice boots! :)

I have a couple of tabs open that show the Area of Romania as 92,000 sq miles. Arizona is 114,000. It just amazes me that you keep showing marvelous places in a country that is smaller than my state. It honestly makes me feel like a piker when it comes to showing the wonders of where I live. I promise to show more.

I have a group of friends that consider me the expert when it comes to Arizona roads. I have been on most of them and followed many to their end. I just haven't shown my results like you do.

All that by way of saying thank you. Not only for this post, but for the whole series. I love your travelogue.


Wow, Tom! Your comments always make my day! Thank you so much for all the beautiful words and it's funny that I'm reading a book right now which is related to the wolves living in the Arizona and wish I was there haha.

Yeah, well, I don't want to give too many spoilers but these posts are just the soft part of what's coming next! This past summer road trip was crazy and I got amazed by some of the places I discovered over here!

Can't wait to write about them and thanks for your precious comments :)

Ah, and I'm happy that you like my boots, it's the way I like to mark as a great place I've seen. The boots in front of the touristic attraction I visited like a checked mark, haha.

The White river reserve. I've stood in several places looking down at that basin. I really need a 4wd vehicle to truly explore it. There's another place north of there that I need to see also. Maverick. I promised a friend I'd go, and he has since died. I NEED to go.

For the record, I have camped close enough to the White River reserve to hear the wolves at night. It is an exciting sound....