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RE: Spiritual excursion through the Path of the Dharma

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I have always seen rock stacking as an artistic activity, never an indication of internal balance or an offering. I never thought it has anything to do with the spiritual. But yeah, I do agree with the fact the viewing them does give off some sort of a positive vibe. I am always fascinated by them.

So true, too much of everything is bad but I never thought this activity could be harmful in any way. How little I know, thankfully, it's not done much there.

I don't know much about Dharma, actually, I know nothing (apart from what I just read from you) but with one passing through that path fully aware and taking out time to enjoy what's there, breathing in that air, enjoying those views etc. It definitely will have a positive effect on someone.

El Morro is in Venezuela, right? I read a post on it a while back, could it be from you?

I do love the view around there, it looks so serene and the rocks, incredibly beautiful!


Yes, the post about El Morro that you read is mine, I remember your comment; and yes, it's in Venezuela.

I thought that in other countries this activity was much more common, but it seems that it is not, and that is good because there will be less environmental impact.

It really is a very healthy practice, but the excess of it is what creates problems in the ecosystems. So we should be very careful the next time we think about making one, it is important to notice that it is no longer the home of any plant or animal.

However, what can't be denied is that, as you say, traveling here only inspires something positive.

A hug, thank you very much for your time 😄

🤗 I doubt it is so common to an extent where it will disrupt the ecosystem but with time, it might be and it will be really sad. It will be great if we do it in moderation....

However, what can't be denied is that, as you say, traveling here only inspires something positive.

Amazing, isn't it? But I doubt we will be able to carry along those positive vibes if this practice becomes destructive...

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