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RE: Introducing TravelFeed Beta

in #travelfeed5 years ago

This is a great news. I'm checking the new website now and it's great. I'm sure some small things will be improved over time, but the overall impression is amazing ;)

Keep up the great work!!


Hearing that from you means a lot, thanks!

This reminds me of the new steem debate site also announced recently, is it the same people deciding to capitalize on their position to just make two different steem sites for two subjects?

I was thinking, one of these sites but for Pokemon cards, magic the gathering, collectibles etc would be great, and theres also a great opportunity for bird watching scotbot site and other zoological even astronomical record keeping systems for steem.

We don't quite understand your comment. Have you tried out We have been developing TravelFeed ourselves since December (check our Github) and can't see how TravelFeed would be related to Pokemon or Debato, which we are not associated with btw.

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