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RE: What isn't seen from the Cerro El Morro viewpoint

in #travelfeed2 years ago

Dear @milkabustamante,

Your story attracted our attention and we would like to introduce our tag #archisteem that could provide you with some extra support. For your information, we are currently running the project – 1001 Places to Remember. Your content is a fit for the project and could be qualified for the 10 Steem reward biweekly contest.

It would be great if we can have this story of yours included in the project. If you agree, please reply to us.

Do drop by and take a look :) Hope to see you around soon.

Stay tuned and Steem on!

Sincerely from,

@archisteem and team


Yeees! Yes! I would be very happy that you included my work in your project 😄 thanks a lot for appreciate my post!

You are doing a great job with "1001 Places to Remember", it's very interesting and original. You have my support too.

Awesome, thanks for the support @milkabustamante! We are really glad to have you with us too. Steem on and looking forward to read more of your stories.

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